Gates dumps Microsoft stock

“Bill Gates, chairperson and co-founder of Microsoft, sold 4 million shares of the software giant’s stock over the last three days of February, bringing his total sales for the month to 20 million, according to filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission,” FIN24 reports.

“Gates still owns 917.5 million shares of Microsoft after the share sales, according to the filings. This represents about 9.2% of total diluted shares outstanding as of December 31,” FIN24 reports.

FIN24 reports, “For the month of February, Gates had sold 20 million shares of Microsoft stock to raise about $580m, the filings say.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bizarro Ballmer” for the heads up.]

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  1. The rats do play from time to time – and Billy Boy is the lead rat at M$!

    Well at least you can’t say he doesn’t know when to get off a sinking ship!

    Wonder if he used Vista to do the evil deed?

  2. good ole’ Bill sells MSFT stock every single month. The insider trading disclosures to the SEC are public record. Even at 20 Mil a month sold, it would still take him an addtional 4 years to completely divest. It has nothing to do with Bill’s view as microsoft, as far as I can tell, he belives all the crap he spews about Vista and MSFT. The sales are for the foundation. I’m sure you will be surprised to find out that starving people don’t like to get a share of MSFT stock in place of food.

  3. ‘Gates dumps Microsoft stock.’ What a funny word. I dump, you dump, he she dumps, they dump, it dumps ..we all dump don’t we.
    I’m not sure but I think I feel better, now. Not like 20 million better but like a Redmond good enough better.

  4. That photo of Bill Gates always cracks me up! The other photo that always kills me, too, is the one with Gates and Ballmer smiling and the fake “Your Frustration, Our Fault”.

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  5. Bill Gates is selling Microsoft stock because he, or his investment advisors, or his foundation’s advisors, believe it is not a good investment.

    And they would be right. I predict we are in for a raft of bad news out of Redmond. Microsoft has NEVER had to operate in a truly competitive environment – with a 75% profit margin of every copy of Windows sold, Microsoft have gotten as bloated as their software. They have a very high cost base. If they cannot increase gross margins they must reduce costs.

    Watch Microsoft treat their staff as badly as their business partners when it no longer suits Microsoft to keep them… Morale will dip and people will start leaving of their own accord – the first signe will be senior managers departing in significant numbers.

    One more lousy quarter and the pressure will be on Ballmer. By end of June analysts will be starting to talk about “turnaround” strategy and some will be issuing SELL recommendations. By end of December there will be talk about spinning off some of the loss-making divisions such as xBox.

    I hear that Microsoft is preparing Zune II for release. Stand by for another disaster. Microsoft will be out of this business altogether by the end of the year.

    What was the official reason for the departure of the Zune head honcho? Microsoft were very quiet on that one…

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