EMI rejects Warner Music buyout bid

“British music giant EMI Group plc said Friday that it has rejected a potential buyout bid from rival Warner Music Group, saying the proposal would be ‘inadequate’ and would lead to ‘prolonged regulatory uncertainty,'” David B. Wilkerson reports for MarketWatch.

Wilkerson reports, “EMI said it remains committed to making the most of itself as an independent company, including the implementation of a restructuring it announced in January. EMI and Warner had discussed a merger in 2006, though the companies argued over which company would acquire the other.”

Full article here.

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  1. LinuxGuy…

    As much as we would like to think otherwise, there is no “relationship”.

    There is simply a mutual desire to make money; SonyBMG and UMG have continually indicated their antipathy towards online sales generally and Apple, iTunes, iTS and iPod customers specifically, but they are conflicted as iTS is the one little ray of hope in their cocaine-afflicted world.

    If Apple were to purchase either the whole or a significant part of EMI and/or WMG, the effect would be to put the remaining players on warning: Stop rattling your sabres every time the contracts come up for renewal!

    Purchasing 35% of EMI and WMG would cost a mere fraction of what Apple has in the bank and would – to all intents and purposes – give Steve Jobs and Eddy Cue the right to obstruct the day-to-day running of both of these companies if Apple detected that their interests were being compromised by the frankly Luddite behaviour of the incumbent executive boards.

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