Why aren’t you upgrading to Vista?

Okay, we already know why the vast majority of MacDailyNews readers (we do have some WIndows-only readers, believe it or not) aren’t “upgrading” to Vista: because for Mac OS X users, it would be one hell of a downgrade. Shiver.

But, presumably for the Windows sufferers, Yahoo! Tech’s Christopher Null tries to sort out why those on Windows XP and older aren’t rushing to “upgrade” to Vista:

What’s turning people off of Vista? Here’s my take, in order of importance:

1) Price.
2) Nothing new to see here.
3) It’s annoying.
4) Tons of stuff is incompatible with Vista.
5) It’s confusing. Everything that XP could do, Vista can do.
6) It’s busted.

Full article, along with 2400+ comments, here.

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  1. Sooo, let’s do a quick recap:

    …During Apple’s dark ages, MS made a better OS – Win95 dominated the landscape…and then…

    • Steve Jobs comes back to Apple
    • Apple goes through a major transition to OS X – version 1.0 slow, but has rock solid foundation.
    • MS comes out with XP
    • Apple with every release of OS X gets better and better. Eventually with “Tiger” it becomes clear that OS X is very superior to XP
    • MS, under Steve Ballmer, releases Vista – the answer to Apple’s “Tiger”, and it falls completely flat on it’s face. It’s a disaster for the company.

    …and we know Apple’s Leopard is gonna ROCK THE HOUSE. So it’s safe to say that MS is already dead in the water. The world is only just beginning to realize it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple with 20% market-share in 3 years.

  2. I am a multi OS user. of course OSX is my only one on my Power Mac, and im dual booting on my Macbook Pro. with OSX and Win XP. but i DID upgrade to Vista on my home windows desktop. and i must say that it was rather pointless. although it is slightly cooler looking then Windows XP. it not EATS UP my system and most of my games run like crap.

    also keep in mind, i got it for free.

  3. Well, I haven’t ploughed through all the 2000 or so comments on Null’s article – great name, BTW – but what surprised me from the 4 or 5 pages that I did read was the sheer number of ‘get a Mac’ comments. Even more surprising, and refreshing, was the total absence of ‘Mac sucks’ comments from mindless Windows fanboys. (Mind you, they weren’t being provoked by mindless Mac fanboys either.)

    The message does seem to be getting across. If they think Tiger is better, wait till Leopard appears.

  4. Main reason is the performance downgrade it puts on your system. I built my high end machine to game and take full advantage of it’s capabilities. To install Vista would completely undermine that entire purpose.

    I saw a benchmark online that compared a nVidia 7900 and 8800, on XP and Vista. The clear trend I saw was that XP with a 7900 was almost the exact same speed as Vista with a 8800.

    So I ask… why would I pay to downgrade my performance for no reason? My XP is already skinned to look like OSX, so the “pretty” factor of Vista is moot, and they didn’t add anything to vista.

  5. PS: I got a free copy of Vista and installed it on a secondary machine that I use as a “Media PC.” I only had to use it for approximately 2 weeks before I uninstalled it and reinstalled Vista because Winamp worked just as well for streaming media from my main PC. In fact… I had to fight with Windows Media Center to get it to work at all.

  6. OMG!!! I <3 this comment from jpneal_totalscope:

    “The more I use Vista, the more I realise how poor it is, despite a favourable initial impression due to the fancy graphics. Everything is more difficult and confusing than Windows XP. It makes me realise how good an operating system Windows XP was.”

    If that’s true, then it must REALLY be bad..

    I’m more and more glad I’m a Mac user, ever single day….

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