Apple to hold special event at NAB on April 15

“Apple will hold a special event at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) trade show on Sunday, April 15,” Jim Dalrymple reports for MacCentral.

Dalrymple reports, “In 2005, the company used an event at NAB to launch Final Cut Studio and Soundtrack Pro. A similar event was used to launch Motion in Las Vegas.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Last week, Think Secret’s Ryan Katz reported that Apple is currently on track to deliver the long-awaited new version of Final Cut Pro at this year’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) trade show.


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  1. There will be nothing at this announcement about Leopard, nothing about iLife, nothing about iPod, or iPhone or any hardware with the possible exception of Xserves or Mac Pros.

    New FCP is all that has ever been shown here, IIRC.


  2. I’m thinking maybe we could see a blue-ray and HD-DVD version of DVDSP? (I have no inside scoop.)

    Also, when is that Motion 3 -slash- Shake Successor supposed to be released? Has that date been announced? I’m sure looking forward to that one myself, particularly.

  3. April 15th

    Ahhhh the Ides of April…
    A taxing day…

    Just Steve Jobs announcing that he will not have to pay taxes on his $1 a year salary.

    And maybe – as a gift – iPod shuffles for everyone.

    And – oh! oh! since Rumsfield has moved his offices in the Pentagon (gone but stilll in charge Rummy), Apple, Inc. will also announce that the military has shifted to Apple Macs for all operations.

    Other than that nothing really to see here…

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    MDN = military

  4. Jim – Yes. I would think so. But when the Shake product was discontinued in favor of a radical re-think, based on the Motion 2 engine, I feared that the new product might take some additional time. And I may be mistaken that Motion 3 and the Shake successor are indeed the same product. They perhaps may in fact be two separate applications?

  5. (posting again)
    I found this [eweek] about the future of Shake posted yesterday. I take it as rumor.

    Salient bit:
    In addition, the hardware acceleration is said to support new versions of Apple’s Motion software, as well as future applications, including the next-generation version of Shake, Apple’s digital composition solution, currently on track for delivery in 2008

    So I suppose this implies that the Shake successor is indeed a separate product from Motion 3. Which makes sense, now that I think about it.

  6. Phenomenon

    The Shake successor will be called Phenomenon. And while it does use the Motion engine, it is a separate product than Motion.

    And the eWeek article is also by Ryan Katz of ThinkSecret, and almost identical to the post MDN references, above.

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