CompUSA shuffles management, closes four stores (100 stores may close this year)

CompUSA recently announced comprehensive changes aimed at improving the company’s structure, streamlining operations and reducing expenses.

To improve financial performance, the company has realigned its executive leadership team and will implement a strategy to streamline store operations. A key component of CompUSA’s business strategy will focus on maximizing margins in its top performing stores.

In an effort to improve structure and accountability, Gabriela Villalobos has been named to executive vice president, sales and operations. Villalobos will be responsible for store, services, small business and e-commerce sales. On an interim basis Villalobos will oversee merchandising and marketing. Villalobos has a strong background in sales and operations and her expertise will be instrumental in implementing CompUSA’s realignment strategy.

Mike Bryk, formerly vice president of finance and accounting, was promoted to chief financial officer. Bryk has been with CompUSA since 1993 and has filled the role of vice president since 1998.

CompUSA has made the decision to close four stores, including:

• Long Beach, CA (PCH) (Store # 175) – 6310 East Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90803
• San Mateo, CA (Store #728) – 41 West Hillsdale Boulevard, San Mateo, CA 94403
• Mesquite, TX (Store #127) – 1515 Town East Blvd. #168, Mesquite, TX 75150
• Skokie, IL (Store #177) – 7011 Central Ave., Skokie, IL 60077

Ben Popken reports for The Consumerist, “CompUSA will close 100 stores this year, according to an industry insider speaking to us under conditions of anonymity. Currently, CompUSA has 229 stores.”

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  1. That’s too bad because I’ve bought my last 3 new Macs at CompUSA. They frequently offer 18-24 months no interest financing on new Macs, plus I also got a 5% instant rebate when I bought my MacBook there last month.

  2. Their mac areas are usually in disarray. Machines are not in alignment, no internect connectivity… just a crappy experience. I hope the new management fixes that. The mac specialists there are friendly and usually very knowledagle.

  3. In response to the horrible customer service. I can’t agree with you more, but what do you expect when you pay somone $9/hr, and expect them to know everything about computers, networking, and all things in between. Its a horrible place to shop, but possibly a worse place to work .

  4. Our store here has a MS display with a busted-up Zune. The sales guy has pimples, half of them are running, the other half are bleeding or sporting white peaks. The rest of the staff just talks to each other. Losers

  5. I just bought a new MacBook Pro from them last week. They had it for $100 off the retail price, and I got 18 months no interest by putting it on their store card. It was a much better deal than what it would have been if I bought one direct from Apple for sure.

  6. Went there over the weekend in Maryland and had terrible customer service. Asked three people to open a case for me to get a iPod shuffle and only one person had the key. He then took forever with the customer in front of me, walked over with her then helped someone else. I was in line holding my sleeping baby in my arms. AKKKK. What’s wrong with these people???? Thought I could save some time instead of going to the Apple store because it was closer…ended up driving about 5 miles down the road and getting there. Apple acknowledged me right away and I bought my shuffle within 5 minutes.

  7. Actually, I live close to the Fountain Valley, CA, store. It’s far more convenient than the local Apple Stores and is pretty good. They have an Apple person in there on the weekends, the stands are set up well. No complaints with that store.

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