The multi-million dollar lawsuit Microsoft is trying to hide; Why Did MS kill the American Dream?

Microsoft will appear in California Superior Court on Monday, February 26, 2007 to ask the Hon. Barbara M. Scheper to exclude any reference of its name from court proceedings that pit the computer giant against FutureLink Online, Inc. — a former ISP founded by four NJ entrepreneurs allegedly wiped out of business by Microsoft.

“This is the multi-million dollar lawsuit Microsoft is trying to hide from the public,” explains FutureLink Online, Inc. (FutureLink) co-founder Dave Durko, in the press release

Not listed on Microsoft’s website as current litigation, the case (FutureLink Online, Inc., cross-complainant vs. Microsoft, Inc., cross- defendant, case no. PC019071) was brought in 1997 and is scheduled to be heard in early March 2007.

The case, which through its decade-long journey through the courts has included two successful appeals on behalf of FutureLink, involves Microsoft’s $503 million purchase of WebTV (now MSN TV) and stems from Microsoft’s alleged “tortious interference” with a FutureLink contract and theft of FutureLink’s internet subscriber base — two actions which lead to the demise of what was one of the fastest growing ISPs at the time that provided internet access to customers across the country via a national infrastructure.

“This is more than a modern-day David vs. Goliath. It’s a story of how corporate cannibal Microsoft stole the American Dream from us and then dragged us through 10 years of litigation,” according to FutureLink founder Emile Farina, who credits life coach, friend, and mentor Tony Robbins for what Farina calls his determination “to right this wrong and finally have our day in court.”

Press release:

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft would never do anything like what’s described above, would they?


  1. WOW.

    What a surprise. Monopolysoft arrogantly doing what ever it thinks it can get away with.

    Speaking of, no buzz of the new WOW ads that ran during the Oscars last night? hadn’t seen them before.

  2. haha, the press can’t get any better for MS.

    On another note,
    I find it hilarious that the iPhone teaser ad (all 2 seconds worth of iPhone face time) got more press and made more noise than the entire launch of Windows Vista.

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  3. just passing through,

    Steve Balmer is worth more money than many of us could ever dream of. And I’m sure he’s made lots of people rich too, but we all think he’s an assclown. So what’s your point?

    Monetary success does not indicate a good, wholesome, moral or fair person.

  4. While I worked for an ad agency that shall remain nameless, I once sat at a meeting where Microsoft execs literally stopped the proceedings to celebrate the news of their successful dismantlement of a competitor by hiring key members of the development team.

    And I mean, joyous celebration, with hi-fives and all kinds of trulty inappropriate remarks being thrown all over the place. On the agency side, we couldn’t believe the amount of unbridled prejudice against competing companies demonstrated by these people.

    Haven’t purchased a single Microsoft product ever since. Good riddance.

  5. @Jerry T –

    I’m not quite sure how Tony R deserves your label of being “bad, unwholesome, immoral and unfair”, or even the earlier moniker…

    Did some of your hard-earned cash depart in the direction of one of Robbins’ “surefire” programs that nets him his millions? If that’s the case, who is the greater fool?

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