Reactions differ to Apple’s iPhone teaser ad

“For those who watched the Academy Awards Sunday night, Apple ran a made-for-the-Oscars TV teaser for its iPhone. Named ‘Hello,’ it simply does a 30-second history of great movie actors answering the phone in the style of an Oscar retrospective, and ends with an iPhone shot promising a June introduction,” Carl Howe writes for Balckfriars’ Marketing.

“It was nice awareness advertising, but the general blogosphere reaction is that it’s no 1984 ad. That said, the fact that Apple has started a demand generation campaign more than three months before the iPhone is available bodes well for my prediction that Apple will sell every one of these things they can make, despite its $500 price,” Howe writes.

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“OK, the iPhone commercial Mac bloggers have been breathlessly anticipating finally aired, as promised, during the Academy Awards. Twice, by my count. It was fine, I suppose, done in the style of a made-for-the-Oscars film-clip compilation. 1984 it was not, however. It’s not likely to win any awards or be widely discussed, except perhaps by said bloggers, who have been poring over it frame by frame ever since,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt blogs or Business 2.0.

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“Best Oscar Commercial? …The winner was Apple with its ‘Hello’ commercial, the first iPhone television ad. What separated it from other Apple launches was the element of surprise; the viewer didn’t know the ad’s product until the end, when the iPhone appeared. But it did so without showing the Apple logo and the iPhone name, the message being: You already know this phone’s name and the company that makes it. And they were right,” Scott Goldberg writes for Digital Media Wire.

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Apple’s iPhone teaser ad “Hello” via YouTube:

See the “Hello” iPhone ad in higher quality via

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  1. Problem was, the 1984 commercial didn’t sell any Macs. Because no one knew WTF Apple was talking about.

    This ad will sell phones. Because everyone know what “hello” is. In fact as far as I know hello was a word coined specifically for the telephone.

  2. Unlike the 1984 ad, there are going to be follow-ups for iPhone. This was simple– literally, a “hello” to the world beyond uber-geekdom. In time, they’re going to be as ubiquitous as iPod commercials, I’d bet.

  3. Interesting. The Mac was introduced with “Hello World”, the iPhone with “Hello”. I think think is the next phase in the evolutions of the computing device – Mainframe, micro, PC, iPhone?

  4. it was poorly timed, it came after a long segment and most people walked away from the TV relieved only to miss the beginning of the ad

    nothing wrong with the ad per se, just poorly placed

  5. BTW – The Apple logo did appear for a brief moment as the phone was spinning around.

    Name one actor in that commercial (who’s still alive) that isn’t going to get and be seen with that phone when it comes out.

    Betty Rubble doesn’t count. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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