Goldman Sachs: 4 reasons to be bullish on Apple’s iPhone

“Goldman Sachs is positive on Apple after a recent handset branding survey conducted in the US, UK, China, and India,” Notable Calls reports. “Even with the survey having taken place prior to the announcement of iPhone, there are four key positive takeaways for Apple:”

1. Potential iPhone buyers is equivalent to 75% of current iPod installed base
2. 71% of U.S. respondents indicated interest in a potential Apple mobile phone
3. Apple ranked as the number 4 most desired multimedia handset brand (before iPhone was even announced)
4. 30% of UK respondents and 15% in the US suggested they would switch carriers for Apple mobile phone

Full article here.

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  1. The iPhone is going to change everything. Period. They will sell more of these than anyone cares to imagine at the moment. But hey, don’t listen to me. No one did when I told them to buy AAPL in 2001, either.
    Probably just a nice product for hip, trendy, early adopter type, right? Who else would pay 500 bucks for a ‘stupid phone’?

    Answer: Everyone. Just watch.


  2. I think the iPhone looks a superb device. The potential for it is so huge. The fact that the interface changes leaves endless possibilities. We will be in for a few suprises i think over the next 2 years with the iPhone. I’m not so sure it will be an instant hit, although dont get me wrong I’d love it to be. I think it will gradually find it way in to the hands of the masses, a gradual but steady process just like what is beginning to happen with macs.

  3. I doubt 75% of current iPod owners will buy an iPhone in the first 5 years, let alone before that. There are over 90 million iPod owners. Does this guy think that 70 million iPhones will be sold? In a year or two?

  4. “I doubt 75% of current iPod owners will buy an iPhone in the first 5 years, let alone before that. There are over 90 million iPod owners. Does this guy think that 70 million iPhones will be sold? In a year or two?”

    There are more than 1 billion mobile handsets sold every year, so to sell 70 million in 5 years isn’t that big a stretch, especially when you consider that the raks of iPod owners keeps growing at the same time.

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