Prudential ups Apple Inc. estimates on strong Mac sales, margins

Prudential has raised their quarterly profit estimates for Apple Inc. (AAPL).

Apple shares are currently up $1.51, or 1.76%, to $87.41.

Prudential estimates earnings of 68 cents a share in the March quarter vs. their old estimate of 64 cents per share. Wall Street’s consensus target stands at 61 cents per share.

Prudential says the firm believes that iPod seasonality is being more than offset by stronger Mac sales and higher margins.

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  1. I bought in at 94.37 right before the earnings announcement. I thought it would go up because December earnings were so great, and after the last earnings report in mid-October the price skyed. I wasn’t thinking that the stock wouldn’t respond to the past quarter but to the guidance for the upcoming quarter.

    So I’ve been in the red since then. Luckily I found a spare $2000 laying around and bought some more around 83.

  2. I intend to hang onto it. I bought at 87 and later another equal block at 97 exactly like Dolt. I am confident it will go up.

    Someone wrote somewhere to not follow Appl daily or you will go crazy. That person was pretty well right, however it is like a sore in your mouth, you just cannot help sticking your tongue against it to see if it is still there.

    Go appl….currently at $88,10….its on fire. Any idea why?

  3. @ Buster – “Go appl….currently at $88,10….its on fire. Any idea why?”

    In addition to the upgrade, there have been a lot of noise this morning about the booming video download market, so that might have something to do with it. And maybe all the fundies are finally backing off and are ready to let it grow for a while. It’s overdue, by every metric I can see. Hang on tight!


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