Cisco and Apple reach agreement on ‘iPhone’ trademark

Cisco and Apple today announced that they have resolved their dispute involving the “iPhone” trademark. Under the agreement, both companies are free to use the “iPhone” trademark on their products throughout the world. Both companies acknowledge the trademark ownership rights that have been granted, and each side will dismiss any pending actions regarding the trademark. In addition, Cisco and Apple will explore opportunities for interoperability in the areas of security, and consumer and enterprise communications. Other terms of the agreement are confidential.

MacDailyNews Take: Like we said: a non-story. Cisco and Apple wrung the last drop of free publicity from this one weeks ago. So, drop the ol’ “iPhone name dispute” off your talking points lists, FUDmeisters.

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  1. Kinda reminds me of the “Cyber-Squatters” way back in the early days of the internet …

    (say) you bought the domain “” .. for the sole purpose of selling it to GM ..

    Methinks Cisco may have anticipated the iPhone .. and did the same thing

  2. This was all very predictable. Steve Jobs would never have announced his new toy as the ‘iPhone’ if there had ever been any real danger.

    I believe they had reached an ‘agreement’ even before Steve’s keynote.

    You can bet that the ‘confidential terms’ of the agreement is a euphemism for ‘several hundred million dollars’.

  3. several hundred million dollars?

    probably not. When both sides agree to leave each other alone, and drop all actions, there was probably no money changing hands at all. the undisclosed terms are not disclosed because they might give away business plans.

    The Apple Corps suit probably ended the same way. When each side pays it’s own legal fees there is not likely to be a cash settlement involved.

    Apple is a high profile target for anybody with a beef. However, Apple has a bunch of good lawyers and doesn’t lose too often. They don’t win them all, but they don’t lose them all either.

    BTW. AppleInsider and MacRumors had this an hour earlier….

    – gws

  4. I don’t like the idea that Cisco gets to use the name. It’s a misnomer as nobody on the face of the planet will think “Cisco” when they hear or see iPhone but I just don’t like it.

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