Apple and Cisco again extend negotiations on iPhone name

“Network equipment maker Cisco Systems Inc. said it agreed to give Apple Inc. more time to respond to the lawsuit it filed over the ‘iPhone’ trademark, extending negotiations until February 21,” Reuters reports.

Reuters reports, “‘Cisco has agreed to give Apple an extension until Wednesday, February 21,’ Cisco said in a statement. ‘Cisco is fully committed to using the extra time to reach a mutually beneficial resolution.”

“It was the second agreement to an extension after a similar move on January 31,” Reuters reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dion” for the heads up.]

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  1. Cisco: We’ve had it, Apple! If you don’t pay us for our trademark within 7 days… Uh, we’ll give you another 7 days. But’s that’s it! We swear! We’re not, like, afraid our trademark is worthless or anything! No way! So pay up, Apple! Now! (Pretty please?)

  2. If a judge deems that, in fact, Cisco lost the trademark, Apple could counter-sue and Cisco would REALLY lose big time if that happens. They should just let Apple trademark iPhone and use that as positive PR and get back to making network gear.

    The extensions lead me to believe they are bluffing. If Apple goes ALL IN, Cisco is toast.

  3. Cisco is in an indefensible position. They do not have a legitimate claim to the trademark they purchased years ago and abandoned.

    Their refiling to retain the trademark amounts to fraud.

    Apple’s best shot is to pursue the case, force Cisco to defend its bogus trademark (which it will lose) and Apple will gain control of the trademark and be able to do pretty much what it wants to with it.

  4. There is a Canadian company which has the trademark up here and has been using it for years. They probably could successfully defend it.

    It’s going to be called the “Apple Phone”, just like “Apple TV”. You think they’re going to wait for a lawsuit settlement before they start manufacturing these things? Jobs knows free publicity when he sees it.

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