Apple looking for in-house game developer staff, preps ‘Apple TV’ retail store push (with Sony LCDs)

Apple Store“Apple has cast its net wider in the hunt for game developers. Meanwhile, batches of Sony’s LCD flat screens are accumulating in Apple retail shops ahead of the company’s Apple TV roll-out,” Aidan Malley reports for AppleInsider.

“Not satisfied with its existing teams, Apple has begun canvassing schools in a search for junior additions to its swelling game development workforce,” Malley reports.

Malley reports, “Students at the Savannah College of Art and Design reported today receiving an e-mail from a recruiter working directly for Apple, Inc., who appears to be actively tracking down skilled graphics designers among those enrolled in the school’s Fine Arts programs. Those hired for the summer program would be tasked with creating ‘consistent, high quality 3D and 2D art for games,’ the message said.”

“Conspicuously absent from the notice was any mention of a specific platform for the games in question… Apple has shown a steadily burgeoning interest in games ever since it revealed its first two homemade games for the fifth-generation iPod, Texas Hold’em and Vortex, back in September,” Malley reports. “…A slip of the tongue by a former Microsoft alumnus turned PopCap Games exec has also pointed to casual games as a new feature of the Apple TV, which may include first-party titles.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dave” for the heads up.]

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  5. Pick on gaming all you want, it’s what drove the home computer market to where it is today. There’s a reason why the computer gaming industry makes more money than hollywood now.

    I’ve long said Apple needed to attract game developers in order to dramatically increase the mac market share…it’s the top reason cited my those who don’t want to switch platforms. Maybe this is the start of a new trend at Apple…

  6. NCIceman,

    You can bring all the games to the Mac that you want, and at the same time as the PC release.

    But if you can’t get the latest graphics card, or the greatest sound card or what ever hardware is out today to take advantage of the new game then hardcore gamers still won’t switch.

    I bought an ATI 850XT 256 for my game PC a couple of years back (when it was a hot card) for about $400. That card is around $129 on the PC now. In the Apple section it is still $400.

  7. Also,

    For now there is no SLi or Crossfire support.

    Coupled with the fact that the MacPros use FB RAM, which is much more expensive and slower than standard DDR2 and the Mac isn’t a great gaming platform.Even if you can Boot Camp into Windows…;-(

    We can hope for the casual gaming though.

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