Microsoft recommends Apple’s Mac-only GarageBand software for making music – on your PC

Microsoft is currently featuring an article adapted from an original piece written by Marc Saltzman from Microsoft Home Magazine on their “Microsoft At Home” website. The article discusses software for making music on your PC and, for advanced users, recommends Apple’s Mac-only GarageBand software:

Advanced: GarageBand (U.S.$79)

Part of iLife ’05, a suite of integrated applications (including iMovie and iDVD), GarageBand is a popular program that turns a Mac computer into a professional-quality recording studio for musicians.

The intuitive interface lets music lovers create and record music by selecting from the more than 50 virtual instruments (including a convincing grand piano) and more than 1,000 professional-quality audio loops that can be used in a new composition. Players can also attach instruments to their computer, such as music keyboard or electric guitar (via analog input or microphone), which can be recorded, edited, and mixed together with other tracks.

GarageBand users can also add more instruments and loops with any of four Jam Packs (U.S.$99). These expansion discs each add more than 2,000 additional loops and dozens of new software instruments, among other features.

Full article here.
Microsoft. Misfiring on all cylinders.

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  1. Not only did they fsck it all up by listing GarageBand, but there are a couple other issues: They list Steinberg Cubase SX as having a price of $199 CAD. I wish! That should read somewhere closer to $700. Not only that, but both Cubase and GarageBand are ‘advanced’…? I use both Cubase and GarageBand, and GarageBand is a toy compared to Cubase. It’s perfectly fine for doing quick, simple demos and such, but if things are serious, I go to Cubase.

  2. Awesome – though it is a good recommendation! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    Also – advanced? – i’d say intermediate at most – the beginner program is for 4 year olds

  3. They are referring to a “PC”, as in personal computer, not necessarily a Windows PC. In this case, a Mac-only program takes the gold, as usual. I think they should be credited for being honest. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Coolfactor, I agree. This wasn’t a mistake. Where does it say the article is targeted at only Windows users? It’s from Microsoft Home magazine. Surely some of Microsoft’s ‘home’ customers user Macs? Microsoft does make Office 2004 for Mac you know.

    Rather than trying to paint this as a negative Microsoft article, why not give them a little credit for actually acknowledging the Mac exists?

  5. They can’t count anyway (regardless of the PC = personal computer not necessarily windows debate):

    “Let’s take a look at three popular PC music programs…
    Morton Subotnick’s Making Music
    Music Maker 10 Deluxe
    Cubase SX 3.0
    Music Creator Pro

    so that’s 1,2,3,3 & 3

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