Apple Store Kahala grand opening draws large crowd (with video)

Apple Store Kahala, located in the Kahala Mall in Honolulu, Hawaii, celebrated their grand opening on Saturday, February 10th.

Todd Ogasawara reports for Mac DevCenter, “The store was scheduled to open at 10am. I arrived about 8:10am to find about 150 people already ahead of me. I heard (but did not verify) that the first person in line arrived at 3am (a bit too early for me).”

Ogasawara reports, “The crowd started building quickly and it seems the mall’s security team was not expecting the speed at which the line was growing. We were moved around a bit and security started placing poles with rope rails to keep the walkways clear. I’ll guess there were at least 400 to 500 people in line before the doors opened at 10am.
Apple kept the crowd (at least the segments that could see the store) entertained with a group providing Hawaiian chants, Hula, and a Hawaiian Blessing of the store.”

Video of Apple Store Kahala grand opening:

Full article with photos here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “qka” for the heads up.]

More info about Apple Store Kahala:


  1. Entertainment for the people in line. Apple should do that for all their store openings.

    The difference between Mac users and the majority of Windows users… Mac users made a conscious choice to use a Mac. Therefore, they care about Apple and things like a new Mac OS X release (and even a new Apple Store opening). Windows users use Windows because (1) they have to for work, (2) it just happened to come on with the cheapest PC at Walmart, or (3) that’s what “everyone else” uses; so they don’t care what Microsoft is doing, even when the first new Windows in five years is released.

    The midnight lines at Apple Stores across the country (and around the world) will be embarassing for Microsoft.

  2. haha. someone should send this video to bill gates.

    Honolulu has a population of approx 372,000 people.

    ( see )

    London has a population of 7,172,091 – nearly 20 times larger.

    ( see )

    In London, the midnight launch of Vista was rushed by…

    … 36 people.

    While the opening of a new apple store in London saw a crowd of 400 people queueing to be the first customers. (see

    In Tokyo, with a population of around 12 million people, the Vista launch was mobbed by a huge crowd of…

    80 people !

    (see )

    There were no reports from the London Vista launch of hymns or of people raising their hands to heaven…

  3. For those who refered to the hand raising as an indication of worship.

    The hand raising is part of the blessing hula that the store was receiving. As happens in many commericla and residential “openings”.

    The first Apple Store in Hawai’i is in the Ala Moana Center –

    It received a traditional blessing, also. And funny thing is that little store was in the top 5 of all of the Apple retail operations many weeks.

    Apple has very good taste. They also by in large respect local traditions.

    Some people here have poor taste. Hawai’i may be an overthrown monarchy by greedy land theives (eer… I mean plantion owners from the Mainland) with the help of an all to willing military – but we are still Hawai’ian and we honour the aina in all we do. Even when we open an Apple Store.

    Huna and the Ka Huna is great power and one who is the keeper of the secret – the secret in this case is prosperity and growth.

    BTW – as has been said – do not worry about the Kahala Mall – VERY wealthy neighbourhood.

    Second BTW – my home is Hawai’i when I am not in Australia.

    MDN: power The Kahala Apple Store is full of power from the blessings of the Kahuna and from the power of the Apple faithful!


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