BBC integrity questioned, accused of promoting Microsoft and Windows Vista

“The integrity of journalism at the BBC has been called into question after its news reports were accused of promoting Microsoft – and the computer giant’s new showpiece – Vista,” Freelance UK reports.

“The offending reports were issued just months after the heads of each organisation met in Seattle, where they agreed to work with each other on future technology projects,” Freelance UK reports. “According to The Times, which reported details of the meeting in September, the agreement centred on ensuring the BBC’s iPlayer would run smoothly with Vista, Microsoft’s new OS.”

“An interview on the Ten O’Clock News with Bill Gates stoked fears the BBC’s impartiality was being lost even further, after critics said the Microsoft boss was given preferential treatment,” Freelance UK reports.

Freelance UK reports, “In light of the claims, John Beyer, director at Mediawatch UK, has called on the corporation’s trust to investigate.”

Full article here.

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  1. Did anyone expect them not to get to this point of favoritism? The BBC seemed very proud of this partnership (I posted the URL of the announcement in a previous MDN article on this).

    Not surprised it got to this point of favoritism. I’m betting M$ is trying to crawl in bed with as many companies stupid enough to have them–unless they are getting kick backs.

  2. You know the tables have finally, officially turned in our favour when publically promoting a Mi¢ro$oft product, or even Mi¢ro$oft as a company is reason enough to call the professional integrity of a media outlet into question.

  3. It is really very positive news that the BBC is getting called on this one. If this had been ignored….that would have been the bad thing. In the long run, as the public becomes more aware of what is happening here, it won’t be just the BBC’s reputation that will suffer. It will be Microsoft’s, too. Fortunately for Microsoft, its reputation can’t decline much past the bottom where it is now, so it won’t be hurt as much compared with the BBC that still has a better reputation in some quarters.

  4. Proof, proof and more proof. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Well, maybe this is why ‘ol Darren made an effort at honesty the other day. Prolly saw it coming and tried to smooth things a bit. heh. But the BBC has repeatedly been dishonost with it’s Apple reportage since far earlier than last September, eh? Betcha they never have to account for all that misrepresentation over the years, either.

  5. Hey Canadian… that was a good point but let someone who is not sucking up the British say that… you get all your services from the US yet you still kiss the queen’s rear-end when you pay your taxes.
    Sorry if I offended you… it was meant to be a little joke and giggle.

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