Nate Pile: Wall Street underestimating Apple’s Mac

“While many advisors and investors focus on the iPod and the iPhone when assessing the outlook for Apple Inc., Nate Pile has a different take,” Steven Halpern reports for Blogging Stocks.

Halpern reports, “The editor of Nate’s Notes explains, ‘As often happens following the release of widely anticipated news, Apple has drifted lower over the past few week — and it would not surprise me at all to see this downtrend continue for another several weeks while analysts and investors alike fret over ‘slowing iPod sales’ and debate over the merits and the potential of the iPhone.'”

Halpern reports, “And while he expects that the iPod and iPhone will remain in the spotlight for the next several quarter, he adds, ‘These products are not our primary reason for being in the stock. That honor goes to the company’s iMac line.'”

“Indeed, based on the expanding markets for the PC/digital world, he believes we will see an ‘unexpected surge’ in iMac sales,” Halpern reports. “He states, ‘I do believe that there are a number of forces coming together in the world of the digital consumer that suggest it may be possible for Apple to recapture perhaps as many as 4 to 8 percentage points of PC market share in just a couple of quarters.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: While Apple’s iMac line is excellent, we think Pile’s idea is that the Macintosh in general – meaning all Macs – is being underestimated by some on Wall Street.

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  1. The Microsoft era is over – what remains will be just the death throes of a behemoth. It will take time, but the world has moved on. Some of us can see it now – but unless you work in IT and know both product sets well it may pass you by…

    Wall Street hasn’t woken up to the looming MS disaster, perhaps assuming or hoping that last quarter’s 28% drop in earnings was an aberration. It’s not though – it is the start of a trend. MS have failed to execute on any of their strategic moves and are accumulating loss-making products at a rate which is impossible to sustain. At the same time, Windows and Office are under threat.

    Look at the price they are charging for Vista! They are desperate to milk the market – they have to! But it won’t be enough, and in the process they are driving people to Mac and OS/X. It’s not a large movement yet, but we all know that once Microsoft lose a customer to Apple they rarely get them back.

    Apple is on a roll – if Microsoft have another bad quarter, Wall Street analysts will begin to advise their clients to lighten their investment in MS. It will be like a snowball – major surgery will be required at Redmond but it won’t be enough to see MS shrink radically after being forced to sell or close their loss making divisions.

    When confidence is lost, the rest will unravel.

  2. Hmmmm, one must remember this:

    Wall Street analysists can tell you (with a 50% chance of being right) what just happened. Any guesses further in the future than that and their odds of being right drop like a rock. In fact, mostly, they are just wrong. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />


  3. The strategy executed by Jobs is coming to fruition. Pretty computers, powerful chips, rock solid OS with media accessories.

    Gates is having a mental breakdown, Ballmer has always been psychotic.
    Vista is becoming a major emberassment, proof of it’s shortcomings is finally in the hands of the people-no more beta excuses. The Windows users are being asked to drink the cool aid(ala Jim Jones) and are refusing.

    I see Apple getting a 10-15% share of the market before end of year.

    Magic word: “Told”, as in would it matter if I told you I was typing this in Vista?

  4. Just a reminder: For over six months, I’ve been saying that Macs will command 17% to 23% of the consumer market by the end of 2007. A lot of people said I was nuts — but perhaps my estimates will prove to be closer than most of you thought. Time will tell.

  5. “Does anyone know an estimate of how many Mac users are in Canada?”

    I don’t. But …

    There are more latinos in the USA than there are total residents in all of Canada. Same is true for people of african heritage. More of them in the States than the total population of Canada, too.

    Canada doesn’t have many residents, let alone residents who use Macs.

  6. Err… Thanks.

    According to Stats Canada there are 32,730,213 people in Canada.
    I just want to know the estimated amount, not that there is… “not many” thats the obvious answer when compared to the States, but thats was not the question.


  7. Just to be clear, Canada has a similar total population to the single american state of California. errr … anybody know how many Mac users there are in California? That might possibly be a reasonable location of reference.

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