Windows Vista disappoints, so get a Mac

“Have you heard? Microsoft has got a new operating system! It’s called Windows Vista! It even has a new slogan! ‘The Wow starts now!’ has just reviewed it! Oh, wait. They describe it as ‘essentially warmed over Windows XP,’ and say there’s ‘no compelling reason to upgrade,'” Michael Parsons reports for The Times. “The good news? ‘It’s stable enough for every day use.’ And if that doesn’t make you go ‘Wow!’ I don’t know what will…”

Parsons reports, “When Microsoft takes five years to upgrade its most important product, the very linchpin of its global business, and tells us we’re going to go ‘Wow!’ when we see it, and then it entirely disappoints, there’s a case to answer. says, ‘After more than five years of development, there’s a definite ‘Is that all?’ feeling about Windows Vista.’ C’maan, you expect me to leave that alone?”

Parsons writes, “The truth is for years now, and for many years to come, Bill Gates and his company have ensured that I spend hours of my life in front of computer software that is vulnerable to security attacks, patronising, awkward, and stuck in some tedious 1980s assumptions about who I am and how the world works that was abandoned by more innovative engineers decades ago. And it would be really, really nice if that experience got better.”

“Vista takes us back to the future. It’s 1985: Michael J. Fox is a time traveller in white sneakers, we’re listening to a soundtrack USA for Africa singing We Are the World, swigging a New Coke and wondering why it tastes so weird,” Parsons writes. “Good times, no doubt, but do we really want to relive them?”

“I know where I have to go if I want a real time machine. Apple has a long history of presenting its products as though they came from the future, and setting aside the actual merits of the products (as though Apple fanbois care about that), there’s no question that Steve can at least create the pleasant perfume of futurity,” Parsons writes.

MacDailyNews Take: Those who have never used a Mac cannot imagine what we Mac users already know and so they are reduced to fumbling about, blaming marketing, regurgitating myths and other nonsense. People who use both Macs and Windows overwhelmingly choose Macs. People who only use Windows overwhelmingly choose, er, Windows – while making all sorts of ignorant claims about Macs (read on).

Parsons continues, “I don’t know if you’re bored of the Apple/Microsoft thing. Lord knows I am, which is why it would have been so great if Vista had closed the gap between Apple’s boutique, expensive computers which often have trouble integrating into corporate environments, and PCs which are part of Microsoft’s enormous ecosystem of cheap and cheerless good-enough computers that for various historical reasons everyone has ended up having to use but no one particularly likes.”

MacDailyNews Take: Macs are actually less expensive than PCs of comparable specs. Just because Apple refuses to litter the market and handicap their customers with worthless, stripped-down, bottom-end $399 garbage PCs like Dell et al. does not make Macs “more expensive.” Apple Macs actually integrate quite well into corporate environments, but you have to actually have used a Mac to begin to know such a thing. Life’s too short to settle for what some deem to be “good enough” without ever actually trying the benchmark system to which they purport to be measuring “goodness” against. A tar paper shack in the desert seems “good enough” to someone who’s never been inside an actual house.

Parsons continues, “I use PCs running Microsoft software because I have to, in the same way I use the British transport system, with a heavy heart and a sense of foreboding. I’m beginning to wonder if this will ever change.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Gandalf” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Mr. Parsons, you type opinions about things which you obviously know very little, if anything, mixed with statements that are unsupported by actual facts. You could use a Tandy TRS-80 or an IBM Selectric for that; you certainly don’t need Microsoft’s bloated junkware. It amazing what the average cretin thinks they need when it comes to personal computers, isn’t it? The real reason that Microsoft is “the very linchpin of its global business” is because of people like Parsons.

Only Apple Macintosh runs virtually all of the world’s software: Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. Only Apple Macintosh. All other PC makers’ machines run a smaller library of software than Apple’s Macintosh as they cannot run Mac OS X or Apple’s best-in-class Mac-only applications.

Any consumer who buys a non-Apple personal computer is clearly making a purchasing mistake and needlessly limiting themselves. Why settle? Do you really think that little of yourself? Aren’t you worth more than “good enough” (that in reality isn’t even “good enough”)? If so, get a Mac.

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  1. What is the problem. This is an anti Microsoft article. Normally, MDN is all over them like white on rice. Why the hostility? Just because he referred to MDN, er sorry, to certain unreasonable Mac fans as bigots? Puhlease. Smart people don’t need to attack everyone who doesn’t spout pure Mac fanatacism, yet MDN does it all the time. Grow up.

  2. “It amazing what the average cretin thinks they need when it comes to personal computers, isn’t it?”

    Oh so just because he doesn’t use a mac, he’s automatically a cretin? You don’t have to resort to cheap shots like a third grader to prove your zealous love for mac.

    Back to the original argument, with Vista official launch today I expected a lot of fud from mac militants. Useless really because the Vista train is leaving the station and Uncle steve is going to need some ulcer med once Vista sales numbers start rolling in.

  3. MDN: You are too hard on this guy. At heart, he’s saying Macs are better. Give him a break!

    Correcting the guy’s mistakes does not need to be humiliating.

    He is actually saying he uses MS Windows “because he has to”, not because he likes it. I just hope he finds gentler Mac users to nudge him in the right direction.

  4. Parsons is ignorant.

    Nobody has to use Microsoft, the ignorant just think they do.

    Macs are not more expensive and the Mac’s ability to run everything make it the most compatible personal computer ever sold.

    If you can’t handle the truth, you shouldn’t read the MacDailyNews Takes.

  5. Too Hot, thankfully you seem to “get it”, even if MDN doesn’t. They end up being the same poisonous hacks that they accuse all anti Mac journalists of being. Sometimes it just makes me ahsamed to be a Mac fan.

  6. Re: We Are The World album

    Check out Steve Perry’s tune “If Only For The Moment Girl”. Good stuff!!!

    Re: MDN Takes

    If you’ve read one, you’ve read ’em all… sometimes they’re right, but the other 100% of the time, they’re slanted in favor of Apple and are haters of anything non-Apple.

    It’s okay for me to say that, because I’m typing this on a Mac. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  7. The real reason “PC” users are “upset” with MDN:

    Any consumer who buys a non-Apple personal computer is clearly making a purchasing mistake and needlessly limiting themselves. Why settle? Do you really think that little of yourself? Aren’t you worth more than “good enough” (that in reality isn’t even “good enough”)?

    The truth may sting, but it can also set you free.

  8. “Uncle steve is going to need some ulcer med once Vista sales numbers start rolling in”

    Just what the fusk do you expect when Windows is pre-installed on over 75% of new PCs sold? Maybe when Steve licenses OSX to Dell and Gateway, we’ll see some fair competition.

  9. Hey, Judge Dork. “Nobody has to use Microsoft”. You can’t really be so dumb as to believe that. Try telling people who work in a Windoze environment that the have a choice, they will see you for the twerp you really are.

    Magic word “cut”, as in “cut the crap, Judge Dork”

  10. Jovial, I’m afraid you’ve got a point on the arrogant condescending attitude towards the average pc user. What can I say other than, shame on MDN.

    You are nevertheless a mindless troll, so just shut up or get the f*** out of here.

  11. Steves Job,

    You get Macs and run those apps on Windows on the Mac, but you also have the ability to migrate to Mac OS X. With PCs, you’re stuck in the same old self-defeating pattern.

    I run many Windows-only apps on Apple Macs running both Windows and Mac OS X. We are currently eliminating the Windows-only mistakes made by now-retired decision makers.

    My bosses didn’t chuckle and walk away when I explained why we should get Macs, they bought them.

    My company plans to be 100% Microsoft-free by mid-2008.

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