Gates bristles over Vista, Mac OS X comparisons

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates talked with NBC’s Today Show host Meredith Vieira about the launch of Windows Vista this morning, but the interview led in with a segment that talked quite a bit about Apple.

In the interview, Gates lies straight off the mark with, “An operating system has never had parental control features before…”

MacDailyNews Note: Of course, Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger, released April 29, 2005, featured built-in parental controls ( Unfortunately, Meredith Vieira was ill-equipped to challenge Gates’ lie. That would have been something to see had she been able to do so.

Of Apple Mac, Gates told Vieira, “People oughta keep in mind that Windows is where the biggest investment, the biggest set of partners are, and that’s why it’s always been the best choice.” Gates also said, with a straight face no less, that “Vista’s the most advanced operating system for security ever done.”

The full NBC Today Show video can be seen here.

In a related article, Paul R. La Monica reports for CNNMoney, “Gates bristled at the suggestion that Vista had some similarities to Apple’s OS X operating system for Macs. ‘No no no. There are whole areas where we’ve innovated,’ Gates said during the interview… Gates’ comments were from an interview on CNN’s “American Morning,” which will air on Tuesday January 30 to coincide with Vista’s release.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It sure in nice to see some in the mainstream media deciding not to give derivative Microsoft and their chief bullshit artist Gates a free pass this time around.

[UPDATE: 6:49pm EST: Removed the reference to the YouTube video clip as it was distracting from the main points of the article.]

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  1. ‘ There are whole areas where we’ve innovated,’

    Yeah like…the color scheme, the choice of desktop themes and screensavers?

    THAT must have taken a few years to get past the Vista Color and Desktop committee.

  2. ‘And to think this is the world’s richest guy. What does that tell you about the path of success????’

    Sadly, I think that is exactly the idea that a lot of people have nowadays . . . the only way to prosper is to cheat, lie, and connive. Pity.I agree with several posters above though; the more exposure people have to Apple’s products, the less Microsoft will get away with this sort of thing. There are entire generations of customers now that have grown up seeing Apple in a post-beleaguered, positive light. Here’s hoping.

  3. it’s amazing what lies people will tell to protect their images…

    and having the most market share doesn’t mean it is the best investment, sometimes it’s better to go with small startup companies rather than the big established companies

    and i can’t watch the video be the stupid MSN video only works with IE6, Safari 2.0.4, and Firefox 1.5, none of which i have…

  4. Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer are desperate. Both are lying through their teeth in interviews and making obviously false statements that the Chair and CEO of a company should not be making. Soon they’ll be raving lunatics in classic Hunter Thompson style.

  5. In the interview, Gates lies straight off the mark with

    (Gates): “…I did not have sex with that monkey.”

    “Vista’s the most advanced operating system for security ever done.”

    (Gates): “Define ‘for’. It was security as I understood it”.

  6. I read online that there were 80 people in Japan waiting in line for Vista.
    How does that compare to the opening of an Apple Store in Japan?

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue laugh” style=”border:0;” />

  7. Sadly, I think that is exactly the idea that a lot of people have nowadays . . . the only way to prosper is to cheat, lie, and connive. Pity.

    Have no pity. Those who choose that path are eventually found out. The piper ALWAYS gets paid.

    Like when the masses discover Vista is the same old shit, just with enough crust to make it look different.

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