What Steve Jobs didn’t say about iPhone: mobile gaming

“So far, Apple’s newest toy has been dubbed a phone, music player, digital camera, and Internet surfing tool. But what’s generating a lot of buzz since Steve Jobs’ iPhone reveal earlier this month is what the CEO didn’t say about the device,” Ryan Olson reports for Red Herring.

Olson reports, “One group drooling over the sleek card-shaped handset, due out in April, are game companies that see the iPhone as a killer platform for their newest mobile titles. Mr. Jobs has not said a word about games. But given Apple’s recent decision to offer downloadable games for the iPod music player, some game industry officials think popular titles will hit the iPhone before too long.”

“Asked to comment on iPhone games, officials from game giant Electronic Arts provide a predictable response. ‘It’s fair to say we’re looking at it,’ says spokesperson Tammy Schachter. EA’s mobile division is the market leader in games for wireless phones, and the company now publishes five games for the iPod. Ms. Schachter says EA’s version of Tetris for the iPod was the most popular game on the platform,” Olson reports.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Gandalf” for the heads up.]
There will be iPhone games because there is every reason, and no good reason not, to offer such a capability. Six months is a long time…


  1. M U S T H A V E G A M E S – Must have iPhone first – but then must have games.

    I know Apple is the one pushing the idea that this is a phone, but I hope its clear to people with their brains engages that the telephony on this device is simply another feature that a user may or may not choose to use.

  2. touch sensitive tetris would be amazing! maybe finger swipes left and right to rotate blocks, and down to place the piece? it might be one of the most intuitive ways to play that game….can’t wait 😀

  3. Wasn’t there a ‘Games’ icon on the iPhone menu during the key note, or did I imagine that?

    Definately not there on apple.com/iphone/ atm.

    Games are sure to arrive, similarly “ringtones” as you will not be able to use iTunes songs as a ringtone.

    According to Jupiter Research, mobile phone ringtones generated $6.6bn dollars in global revenue in 2006. Compare that to 2 billion songs sold on iTunes at $0.99 each over the entire lifetime of the service.

  4. Gil, how about an 8 core Apple tower?

    United States of Generica – Really? To me paying for ring tones is the most ridiculous way to spend money I can think of. Its easy, and pretty much free, (after you buy a cable), to do it yourself, and finally get the tones and songs you actually want.

  5. 6 months is a long time? i live in paris, i want one yesterday! not 4th quarter!!! of course this doesn’t mean that i’ll have changed my mind by then… all it means is that i’ll have watched all footage and iphone website a million times by the time it is available here. the iphone is the sexiest, most desirable piece of tech ever.

  6. You all have to realize this is HUGE!!! It is one more app that will close the doors on a lot of other companies products! The PSP sells for what….. 250-300??? It you can get this functionality in just one product that does mobile phone, internet, music, movies, and stuff we don’t even know about yet….. why would you buy anything else? I am not putting down any other product but don’t you want all this capability in one item instead of 2,3,4???
    I am saving my money now for the phone. Yes it is pricey but when you add up all the crap you would buy anyway to do all this different funcitonality…. phone + pda + ipod+gaming+ etc. etc. etc. … the phone is really relatively cheap!

  7. @Mr. Peabody: yep, it’s amazing how many people pay for ringtones … they far out number the people who can connect a cable; and by the numbers they far out number iTunes customers too.

    $6.6bn per year makes iTunes look tiny, hence Steve Jobs saying in key note that you will not be able to use iTunes music as ringtone.

    I predict there will be some kind of deal with Cingular for iPhone ringtones.

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