The amount of iPhone FUD is truly stunning

“Although the recent unveiling of its iPhone was stunning, Apple Inc.’s radical mobile device is already generating a lot of questions as the company prepares for its big sales push in June, industry observers say,” Ryan Kim reports for The San Francisco Chronicle.

Kim reports, “Neil Strother, an analyst with the research company NPD Group, said customers last year paid, on average, $63 for a cell phone and $200 for a smartphone. He said that could be a problem for Apple as it tries to sell beyond its rabid fan base.”

MacDailyNews Note: We told you people to get your shots. Rabies is not a game.

Kim continues, “‘Consumers are not used to paying another couple hundred bucks more just because Apple makes a cool product,’ Strother said. ‘Some fans will buy it, but for the rest of us it’s a hard pill to swallow just to have the coolest thing.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, iPhone is just “cool.” That’s it; no UI that makes it possible for people to actually use their phone’s features or anything else, just cool. No wonder Strother can’t figure it out; he doesn’t understand the product very well at all.

Kim continues, “AT&T’s Glenn Lurie, president of wireless national distribution, acknowledged the iPhone will appeal to more high-end users, but he said consumers will find considerable value in the device. ‘It’s such a leap past other things; it will make innovations. That’s great for customers,’ Lurie said. ‘I think it has the opportunity to change the game.'”

Kim reports, “The iPhone has one battery that is not replaceable. It is designed to provide five hours of talk time, video playback or Internet browsing, or 16 hours of continuous music playback. Rob Enderle, a technology analyst, wondered if that’s enough for consumers who might not get enough juice in one day from Apple’s iPhone battery. ‘If you’re going to be doing a lot of stuff on this phone, you really have a five-hour window,’ he said. ‘But if you listen to music and then the phone doesn’t work, that’s serious. The phone always has to work.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Has the so-called, self-described “analyst” Rob Enderle ever heard of the TunePower Rechargeable Battery Pack for iPod from Belkin or any of a hundred other similar solutions already on the market? Such devices connect to iPod via the Dock connector and double, triple, or multiply even more the play time of iPods. iPhone features the same Dock connector as iPod. Extrapolate.

Kim continues, “Palm spokeswoman Marlene Somsak said the iPhone does not appear to be aimed at business and sophisticated customers because it lacks a physical QWERTY keyboard, which she said is essential for text entry.”

MacDailyNews Take: Now let’s hear from someone who’s actually used the iPhone’s keyboard instead of some FUD-spewing spokeswoman whose company is about to be steamrolled by Apple: “I have used the Apple iPhone. I had a private briefing the day after Steve Jobs’ keynote and spent about 45 minutes noodling around with the device. I think the iPhone’s virtual keyboard is a huge improvement over the mechanical thumbpads found on the Treo and any other smart phones of its size. The buttons are significantly larger, you don’t have to hit them dead-center, you lightly tap them instead of punching them down, and the software is smart enough to know that you meant to type ‘Tuesday’ instead of ‘Tudsday.’ After 30 seconds, I was already typing faster with the iPhone than I ever have with any other phone,” Andy Ihnatko reported for The Chicago Sun-Times last Thursday.

Kim continues, “Apple’s Steve Jobs, for his part, doesn’t look worried. He said at the Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco earlier this month that he feels he has the competition beat by five years, with all the software advances and design touches on the iPhone. ‘We’re going to enter a very competitive market, a lot of players,’ Jobs said. But, ‘we think we’re going to have the best product in the world.'”

Full article here.
“If you thought that iPod and iTunes was subject to FUD, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, my friends. You’ll have to look to the Mac to find a threat of such magnitude that inspired such a FUD campaign. The reason for such a campaign against iPhone? Money. Lots and lots of money and the fear of losing a good portion of it to Apple,” SteveJack wrote in our opinion section on January 10th. “So, keep this in mind whenever you read about Apple’s iPhone and you see an article slanted against the iPhone: the real Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt is being felt by all of the companies that Apple just humiliated… They are very scared and rightfully so.”

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  1. Ultimately, the consumer will have the last word regardless of the FUD. Wasn’t the iPod looked upon by so many “experts” withh much the same level of scorn and doubt when it first came out?

    (Yeah, this is from the the Department of the Truly Obvious, but still needs to be stated.)

  2. “Has the so-called, self-described “analyst” Rob Enderle ever heard of the TunePower Rechargeable Battery Pack for iPod from Belkin or any of a hundred other similar solutions already on the market?”

    Of course not, because that would mean they actually know what they’re talking about.

  3. realist,

    “Consumers are not used to paying another couple hundred bucks more just because Apple makes a cool product,” Strother said. “Some fans will buy it, but for the rest of us it’s a hard pill to swallow just to have the coolest thing.”

    That’s a valid point about iPhone’s price?

    The rest is also regurgitated FUD from the talking points memo from Microsoft, Palm, etc.

    You should rename yourself more accurately: nominalist

  4. I paid almost this much for my Treo – which is half baked and buggy. If the iPhone will allow me to work with Word and Excel docs like my Treo I will pay the cancellation fee to Verizon, flush my Treo down the toilet and wait in line at the Apple Store for an iPhone.

  5. The irony of all this FUD is we’ve only officially known about the iPhone for a week. Imagine the amount of FUD we’ll be reading between now and the release date.

    MW: “save” as in I’m saving each and every penny for this amazing piece of equipment.

  6. the bit about ‘it lacks a keyboard’ is the highest epitome of FUD: it appears everywhere. “The iPhone will fail: it lacks a keyboard. Can’t appeal professional users who need to type messages”.

    I am not worried then: if this is the reason the iPhone will fail it with thence be a huge success among professional users. They will type furiously faster with the iPhone while moronalists (moron-journalists) will faint “but.. but… that’s nonsense, it cannot be: the iPhone lacks a keyboard. They CAN’T TYYYPEEEEEEEHHAAAAAAAAAHHHHHRRRGHHHHH”

  7. Those thumb pad QWERTY keyboards suck BIG WANG! I hate them like cancer. And that’s the problem with the phone industry right now…

    They think I want thumb pads and I DON’T! That’s why Steve Jobs is a genius.

  8. Apple gets it, the killer app of the phone is being a phone! The GUI and multi touch will make it a pleasure to use. Apple wants to control the apps because it doesn’t want the user experience damaged by poor third party software. Is the price too high? No given that you’ll have a proper smart phone, media player, inernet device and GPS that really does “just work”. The demand is going to be huge for this product.

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