Apple iPhone’s ‘optimized, but full version of OS X’ weighs in at ‘considerably less’ than 500MB

“The iPhone is running an optimized, but full version of OS X that weighs in at ‘considerably less’ than half a GB, according to Apple vice president of worldwide iPod marketing Greg Joswiak,” Karen Haslam reports for Macworld UK.

Haslam reports, “Joswiak confirmed that the operating system sits in the flash memory of the device and that Apple will ‘provide updates to the operating system like we do today.'”

Haslam reports, “Joswiak claimed that the reduced size of the operating system was a result of expertise of the team at Apple, rather than cutting out functionality or removing core technologies. ‘Remember that OS X on a Mac features a lot of applications that we don’t have to ship on the iPhone,’ he added.”

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  1. “Remember that OS X on a Mac features a lot of applications that we don’t have to ship on the iPhone” …..

    but a user might be able to download some of those they want … they sky’s the limit with this.

  2. I would imagine it lives on the main flash drive as it would make the most sense for a lot of reasons. As capacities increase it will become less and less an issue, but if it were on its own drive then you would be stuck with whatever limitation you started with. If anything I can see it being an hidden, allocated partition of the main drive.

  3. What? The iPhone only runs OS X!!

    That my friends is illegal … why I should be able to run any operation system I want on the iPHone …

    You guys are limiting My CHOICE! ….

    Beware .. beware all possible buyers of this phone … you won’t be able to run Windoze on it and its got the iTunes thingy that restricts CHOICE too!!!

    That’s it .. I’m suing because Apple is so restrictive and is handcuffing me to one platform …

    It’s all about CHOICE … you hear me … CHOICE!

    Apple will limit you to their lousy products if you choose this phone … don’t get sucked in ..

    Please ! If we all get together … we can destroy Apple and all it stands for …

    Are you with me … or the terrorist non choice Apple monopoly …. Huhhhhh?

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