Kantor: ‘Mac fans are nothing if not predictable’

“Oh my gosh, I dared to criticize something Apple in my column, and out of the woodwork, as always, come the Mac fanboys, with their ever-so-polite and mature commentary,” Andrew Kantor blogs on his Kantor.com website.

Kantor writes, “I save some of the mail I get, and the folder structure shown below should tell you all you need to know. (And yes, it’s real — it’s been that way since the first screaming Mac-fan fits.

Kantor writes, “John Dvorak has a perfect take on it.”

You can read the comments and add your own at Kantor’s site here.
It’s telling that Kantor points to the video of John Dvorak admitting that he baits Mac users for hits in a “weasely way” to gain hits to his articles. It truly is the “perfect take” on what Kantor does, too.

As for predictability, Kantor has the market cornered:
1. Bait Apple/Mac fans
2. Bait some more if they don’t respond
3. Gather the responses and collect the hits
4. Pick and choose the worst of the responses and post them on his site
5. Wait awhile, lay low, and then repeat the process

Are we supposed to ignore his “review” of Apple’s unfinished iPhone (that he admits he hasn’t even touched) and his “advice” to millions of USA Today readers that “business users may want to look elsewhere?”

We’d rather shine what spotlight we can on him for all to see than let his stuff go unchallenged and therefore accepted by a greater number of people.

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  1. I dunno, I’d have to go with Kantor on this one. MDN gets way too frothy at the mouth when people don’t absolutely gush over all things Apple. Get a grip MDN. You make us all look bad.

  2. Jings,

    Kantor baits Apple product users for hits and you blame MDN?

    Kantor is the one calling Mac and Apple product users “fanatics” and “reviewing” an unreleased product he never touched and suggesting in USA Today that people “may want to look elsewhere.”

    Real journalists like David Pogue of the NY Times and Walt Mossberg of the WSJ refuse to review iPhone or any other product until they can spend real time with the finished product.

    You have a seriously warped perspective, Jings.

  3. What I wrote to Kantor:

    Mr. Kantor,

    Have you used, touched, or even seen the iPhone in person?

    David Pogue (who actually spent an hour hands-on with the iPhone) reported in the New York Times, “at the moment, the iPhone is in an advanced prototype… [and] the software is still unfinished, and many questions are still unanswered.”

    Don’t you think you should do as Pogue and Mossberg both did – not do a review, but a preview – and not start recommending that business users or any other users look elsewhere?


    Do you see the possibilities of the iPhone UI taken to future iPods and also to larger screen Mac tablets and devices? Can’t you see the future? Or are you for some reason upset that Apple has been granted and applied for over 200 patents that will allow them to protect their innovations from Microsoft et al. this time?

    Thank you for your time.

    Keep it civil and Kantor has no valid response.

  4. Kantor and Dvorak are trolls. Like lousy street performers, they relish a little attention and some coins in their jar (via article hits). Pay no attention to them.

    As for Mac-fan ire, I see it this way: you can criticize Apple, but you’d better be absolutely right and have your facts straight. Mac fans can spot even the slightest BS and baiting, and aren’t afraid to call it as such.

    Besides, ever notice it’s mainly the Windows camp that baits? Aren’t they satisfied or secure with their choices? Maybe misery really needs company. If I fought a PC all day I’d be half-nuts ugly too.

  5. I don’t see why USA Today would employ someone as a reviewer who is obviously anti-Apple (see his related articles above) if not just for the hits from people who use Apple products and can clearly see his lies.

  6. No Sir, were not critisizing your take on the Apple iPhone or Apple in general. We’re criticizing your ability to do your job as a reporter and base your assertions on facts, not what may or may not be true on a product you have never actually touched. We’re criticizing your ability to report properly, objectively, you know – something you get paid to do.

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