Steve Jobs’ voice carries: Apple drowns out CES

“Steve Jobs’s voice carries. Apple’s chief executive in San Francisco drowned out much of the buzz on Tuesday from the biggest U.S. consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, hundreds of miles,” Reuters reports.

Reuters reports, “In one meeting at the Consumer Electronics Show, an analyst receiving an email turned to colleagues and whispered simply ‘iPhone.’ Several nodded knowingly: Apple had finally announced the much-anticipated iPod mobile phone, dubbed the iPhone.”

Reuters reports, “In a Las Vegas press room, reporters set aside deadlines to debate whether the engadget or Gizmodo blog had better coverage of Jobs’ Macworld speech unfolding in San Francisco. Others simply asked whether they were at the right conference.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Rainy Day” for the heads up.]

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  1. Also, Steve Jobs and Co. single-handedly sent tremors into the stock market as Apple went way up and competing cell phone companies (like RIM) went down.

    I didn’t see much market fluctuation when Gates made his keynote at the CES. Ha ha.

  2. Yes, there are a big difference between the CES and Macworld, in CES you will see the products that companies believes will be the future (like the origami PC), in Macworld, you will be actually seeing the future (Like Leopard, iPhone, iPod, iTunes, etc, etc, etc….

  3. The engadget coverage of the SJ keynote was absolutely amazing. Almost ‘live’ updates… even quoting word-for-word whole slabs of SJ’s speech, many large pics thrown in along the way… and absolutely no lag on updating the page. How do they do it?

    Well done MDN for having a go too. At least this time the server wasn’t totally jammed up.

  4. Steve’s the man. Only has three problems:

    1. SEC
    2. FBI
    3. Cisco

    Beyond those, it’s all good for the, as MDN calls him, charismatic, enigmatic master showman (“everything is going to be just fine”) with the best playthings.

  5. Everybody could learn from Engadget’s broadcast…however, I really got tired of scrolling down. Next time, please do the same, except snatch it in reverse on the loading order of the page. Thanks Engadget…the only thing better would be a true live broadcast, then Bill Gates and Michael Smell could get their information quicker and their secretarys could clear some appointment time on their schedule for them to sit and watch the world change around them. They too, are in awe, but would never admit it. Does anyone even know what they had to say at their keynote? I haven’t heard a thing, but Apple is all over the newz.

  6. Ron Henry,

    Please, please place a call to your stockbroker (if you have one), and get a FIRSTHAND account of what Steve’s exposure is in the options backdating scandal. Do NOT rely merely on WinTrollBoy accounts of what they WISH would happen; get your information directly from the horse’s mouth.

    FBI? You must be kidding. I believe I can safely infer from this reference that you are hoping for some kind of ill to befall SJ, thereby negating his undeniable impact on the computer and home electronics industries. Well, old man, it ain’t gonna’ happen. You’ll just have to live with the innovation Apple brings to the world–and with the concomitant shame of being a MSFANTROLL.

    As for the Cisco thing . . . for the love of Gawd, who cares? This is a problem for Steve? YOU WISH! It’s a gnat on an elephant’s ass! You guys are REALLY reaching here, and for that I pity you. Go back to sucking the thumbs of your Billy and Ballmer, and take a nap. It’ll do your disposition good.

  7. @ Less is More –
    RE: Reg story @

    Wow, that rag get more worthless every day.
    “And very pretty it is too, although some commentators are suggesting that the price – coupled to the Cingular tie-in deal – may be a punt too far for the average consumer.”
    Hahaha.. I’ll tell you blokes right now, the punters will be knocking each other down to cue up for this smashing piece of kit. Apple will not be able to build them fast enough.


    MW: ‘air’ (moon safari)

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