Report: Rogers Communications to offer Apple iPhone in Canada

“I have spoken with several representatives from Rogers regarding the availability of the iPhone and it turns out that they are in fact planning on providing the iPhone to Canadians. There are no official statements but the average wait time is 6-8 months minimum once they become available in the US (check the track record with previous smartphones). I’m also told the iPhone will be available on a two or three year contract, and a data plan must also be purchased (data plans in Canada aren’t cheap). Looks like an accurate release date in Canada is sometime Q4 2007 and into early 2008. About the same time that the phone will be available to European carriers,” John Wiseman reports on his blog.

Full article here.

{Attribution: MacNN]

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  1. It’s these “data plans” that are going to be the key to success or failure. I have an old grandfathered in Sprint plan with what should be unlimited data service. That is wonderful. ANY other plan that charges by the bit would be terrible. And some of those plans are so bad now, you just would use the phone.

    I hope this is handled well by Apple and Cingular. Currently, Cingular’s data plans have not looked particularly good to me. That, by itself, can stop me from getting the phone. In addition to Sprint, I also have a Cingular phone. Sprint has better quality service and sound. Cingular has service in more areas (specifically, Alaska, where I spend increasing time).

    Apple had better have addressed this issue in the U.S. – and in Canada.

  2. Noooooo! Not Rogers! They have great coverage if you live in a city of over 500,000 or drive between Calgary AB and Edmonton AB or between Windsor ON and Quebec City PQ. You wander anywhere else you are SOL.

    Looks like I will be buying the iPod only version.

  3. 3 Years? And an LG to boot? You had to know this phone was coming – everybody knew it was coming, we just didn’t know when exactly.

    We have a two year contract with Cingular – we just renewed last year and upgraded our phones in the process. January ’08 is upgrade time ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    Unfortunately, I have a feeling Cingular will probably require the data plan as well. And my wife and I both want an iPhone. Maybe they’ll offer two-for-one data packages as a result of the iPhone’s popularity.

    I hope Cingular beefs up their network. From what I understand, it’s pretty crappy. We get decent coverage here – but we don’t have data plans.

  4. Three year contract!? Seriously, I thought two years was bad. Here in the UK it’s rare to find 18-month contracts, most of them are just a year long.

    FYI I was on a 12-month contract, when it was up I wanted to end it so I called them and they put me through to a ‘disconnection officer’ who basically gave me a £25/month contract for £5/month for another 12 months so I didn’t change providers.

    And I think I got somebody fired before that. Yehssss, that was a good day for me.

  5. Yeah Canadians do get hosed on data plans but I am glad it is Rogers. Service in T. is good.
    Like I said before it’ll be pushing $700 when it arrives so I’m not sure I can justfy it, I guess we’ll have to see how much of OSX is really in the beast.

  6. Data plans are small potatoes!!! We Canadians will be lucky if we get to use any of the features of the iPhone as the CRTC is blocking most advancements – the same reason we can’t get TiVos and a slew of other TV related products here. They think it will allow us all to be thieves and undercut the big corporations.

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