Hands-on with Apple’s iPhone

“[Yesterday], I had meetings with with Steve Jobs and then Phil Schiller, Apple’s director of worldwide marketing. I basically played with the iPhone the entire hour,” David Pogue blogs for The New York Times.

Pogue mentions some of the things you can’t tell without actually handling and using the iPhone:

• It feels amazing in your hand. Not like an iPod, not like a Treo — but something new. It’s so thin, and the rounded stainless-steel edges are so smooth, you can excuse its larger-than-Treo façade. When you’re on a call, it’s so cool how the screen turns off to save power, thanks to its proximity sensor.

• The phone won’t be available until June, so some of its software isn’t finished yet. As I tapped my way into obscure corners of the phone, Mr. Jobs pointed out a couple of spots where only a placeholder graphic was available.

• I tried out the camera. It was really cool to frame a shot using the HUGE 3.5-inch screen; it’s rare to find that big a screen on any camera. The refresh rate felt typical of a camera-phone to me, but Mr. Jobs said that it would be much smoother by the time the phone is done.

Much more in Pogue’s full blog post here.
iPhone’s home screen sure has lots of space left for more things, doesn’t it? wink

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  1. Yeah this thing will be ground breaking and I hope I can justify spending $700 CAN on a Phone/PDA that would normally last bearly 2 years.

    Ok so where is iLife 07 and all the other toys in the loop, is there going to be another Macworld demo or will we have to wait 6 weeks for the iPhone jazz to settle down if it ever does.

  2. Snapper, don’t worry, there will be a special apple-event at the beginning of march. featuring Leopard. iLife, iWorks (with new spreadsheet app), improved .Mac, and the 11 inch widesreen MacBook nano. All available right after the event. You heard it here first.

  3. Why weren’t iLife ’07 and Leopard demonstrated? Because Vista is due out in a few weeks. If Steve showed everything now, Vista would have nothing to compete with in the media for months. But, if Vista comes out and has a few notable public problems, which it certainly will as a new product in the wild, and Leopard is shown to the world in a special event, it’s going to make Vista look silly and behind again.

    This is strategy.

  4. I think we’ll be waiting for few weeks for iLife, iWork and a new computer of some sorts (redesigned iMac?). Phone is cool, but I was disappointed there wasn’t more “Mac” talk at “MacWorld”.

  5. New technology phones are always expensive. It won’t be long before this is affordable with a contract plan… If Apple wants to make iPhone a runaway hit like iPod, it will find a way to make it a no-brain purchase.

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