Caption this photo of an odd Apple iPod – Microsoft Zune juxtaposition

Caption this photo of an odd Apple iPod – Microsoft Zune juxtaposition that was shot by MacDailyNews reader Larry Fransson on December 29, 2006 at a Costco store in Tukwila, WA (a suburb south of Seattle):

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  1. That would be really funny if that was a case of Zunes being used as a table and not just the Zune display unit. Though it already reinforces the rumor that Costco really wasn’t please with the results of trying to sell Zunes.

  2. Costco manager to staff:

    “Put those Zumes, er… Zones… whatever they are in the store room for return and get more of those iPods out on the floor. We’re here to move product, not let it sit gathering dust! No sense wasting a good cardboard platform, though… use it for the iPods. Go!”

  3. I’ll tell you what happened. The Zunes sold out which made space for those crappy iPods nobody is buying. That’s an empty case of Zunes on the bottom. Truth hurts, doesn’t it iPod lemmings?

    What’s a store manager to do with hundreds of iPods nobody wants?

    Welcome to the Social.

  4. My channel checks indicate that Costco was selling about 500 – 600 iPods per week per store Zunes? Let’s not embarass MSFT more than we have to, except that I can’t help but share this with you:

    Fry’s Electronics reported getting a lot of iPods returned/exchanged after Christmas. They also reported there were far more Zunes returned/exchanged than iPods. The #1 product Zunes were exchanged for…iPods.

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