Apple iPod tops Amazon’s 2006 consumer electronics sales lists

“Apple Computer’s iPod continued to rule in 2006, according to,” Marguerite Reardon reports for CNET News.

“Amazon’s ‘Best of 2006 List,’ published Thursday, highlights the year’s bestselling, most positively reviewed and most wished-for products of the year,” Reardon reports. “Not only did various versions of Apple’s iPod comprise the hottest-selling consumer electronics item on Amazon, but the fifth-generation 30-gigabyte model with video playback topped Amazon’s list as the most wished-for product and the most popular gift item in the consumer electronics category for the year.”

Full article here.

Amazon’s “Best of 2006 List” is here.

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  1. So why are Zunes carried at the video game boutiques, but they don’t carry Ipods.

    Oh, my 2cents on the stupid “Welcome to the Social” slogan. Who the fsck was the moron that thought putting on a pair of headphones is social. When you put on a pair of headphones to listen to music you are cutting yourself off from the rest of the world intentionally. Social? Sure if you fscking have multiple personality disorder. Someone needs to have a stungun shoved into their sphincter for that one.

    I have 3 Ipods on my wishlist, red nano, black nano, black 60gig.

  2. Bruce, that rant was too funny! The first time I saw the ad where a bunch of people were at a concert all listening to their Zunes, I thought “What kind of dumbass thought this up?!?!?” If you go to a concert and are listening to your MP3, you must surely have your head in your butt!

  3. Erm, Sony F707 is on the list.

    Jeez, it’s a discontinued model!

    Sooo… I don’t think we should take too much notice here.

    Though I should say my 30gb iPod video still gives me mucho pleasure 12.5 months on, though the HD is almost full now ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. The Zune slogan went through a few minor revisions.

    Originally, it was “Welcome to permanent and devastating social isolation. Please hold still while I figure out how to squirt you. WAIT! PLEASE DON’T GO! Hello? Anybody? Cujo?”

  5. Bruce, you’re right. iPods are antisocial. You can’t squirt with an iPod like I can with my beautiful brown Zune. There’s no stopping Microsoft now—everyone will want to squirt each other and you iPod lemmings will be left out, unless you get a Zune. How about it big Bruce? Care to squirt with me?

    Who the hell is Amazon anyway? In what way is Amazon an indicator of sales success? So they sold some Harry Potter books and maybe a couple of Zune copycat iPods. Whoop-de-freakin’-do! Real electronics enthusiasts who understand superior MP3 players shop at better retailers who have a real presence on the ‘net.

    Welcome to the Social.

  6. Let me tell you how it works: FANTASTIC! I wouldn’t say the “Care to squirt with me” line works as well as the Zune itself. This brown thing is a magnet for hip, attractive people who want to get their squirt on. What do you expect from Microsoft? Redmond knows sexy style like no one else. You iPod lemmings can only dream…

    Welcome to the Social.

  7. I was in Staples (the big box office supply store) the other day buying a flash drive. Out of curiosity, I asked if they had iPods. No, but they had Zune, and the customer service peon was very proud of that.


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