Malware leads Windows users to seriously consider switching to Apple Mac

“Future Tense” news analyst Dwight Silverman says more and more Windows users he talks with are seriously considering switching to Apple’s Mac OS X.

The reason? They’re finally fed up with spyware, worms and other malware that plagues Windows PCs.

The audio report is available via RealAudio or MP3.

Links to the audio report here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Michael G.” for the heads up.]

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  1. only considering? just friggin’ switch already! those who say they are seriously considering to switch never really switch. i hear that a lot from people when i talk to them about the benefits of using a mac and urge them to switch. i just wanna smack them in the back of their heads.

  2. He’s using the proceeds from the book he’s writing about Windoze Vista to buy a Macintosh. There’s something about this that just doesn’t seem right. Kinda like selling your soul to the devil to buy a ticket to heaven.

  3. Welcome to new Mac users, but please leave your Viruses, Instability, Spyware, Trojans and Adware behind. We aren’t interested.

    Honestly, I’m kinda tired of the whole argument, Mac vs. PC. Just use what you want but don’t rag on the other guys for using what they want.

  4. Happened yesterday to me! A friend who’s family admantly stayed windows over the last 10 years went down to the Apple store yesteday evening and bought a 20″ iMac becase they were tired of buying many PCs and having them fail, get infected and always getting (paying) for support. BTW I didn’t even need to say anything they called from the store to tell me of their decision and vent some of their frustrations with Dulls…


    My dentist also switched last year for the same reason… both of them know I use Macs and just let me know their decision. Apple must be doing something right (and of course Dull and MS must be doing something else wrong)

  5. I know people considering the switch (including my brother-in-law) but, here’s the problem;

    He wants a desktop, with a decent graphics card, in a tower configuration that he can afford.

    1. Mac Mini has integrated graphics,
    2. iMac is an all-in-one, not a tower,
    3. the Mac Pro is overkill for his needs and more than he wants to spend.

    If Apple built something between the Mini and the Mac Pro they would get even more switchers, but the iMac is not to everyone’s taste.

  6. SNAFU…. had the same issue with some of my friends. Here’s the real logic behind what they want. What they are used to is a computer priced like a dell so they can play games. A low end computer, with crapy parts and a high end graphics card. It’s like a Yugo with a 327 Chevy motor in it. Might get you there fast, but not for very long.

    I just explained to my friends how there was a price to be paid for quality, and you really do get what you pay for. If they want to seriously put a dent in the repair costs and down time of their computer usage, have him get a low end Mac Pro and think of it as a high end dell.

  7. Everyone has their fine line of when they will have had enough of all the Window’s crap. Most Mac users are so excited that they tout the Mac and want to show the solutions off so much that they step onto the average PC users pride, knowledge, and monetary investment. Many times when I just wanted to only provide a solution and help someone who was having PC issues, they instead took me as snotty and that I have something that beats theirs syndrome, when my heart was right, but my approach was wrong.
    I’ve learned to be subtle and suggestive and let the Mac sell itself rather than get all excited about it like in the past.
    Instead of telling people to switch, I tell them to add a Mac to their arsenal and try it for internet stuff, while mentioning that it runs Win$in if they want it to. This approach really has worked.

  8. Three different acquaintances bought new Macs, in the last week — one was a Mac user upgrading to the 4-processor tower Mac, the other two were former Windows users who had never used a Mac previously.

    Both of the former Windows users were tired of the whole malware fiasco that goes on daily in the Windows world, and wanted a machine that did not require constant virus profile update, or that were slow in booting because of required virus scans, etc.


  9. To: S.N.A.F.U.

    May it’s time for Apple to bring the Cube back. Mac Mini-like VTR-sized HTPC would be a killer.

    Most of the htpc boxes from PC companies didn’t get so good points in a Finnish test ’cause the non-burned-to-picture subtitles (used by Finnish Broadcasting Company[YLE]) didn’t work. eyeTV kicked ass on that area.

    Add two tuners, up to 500GB HDD (or 1TB), optional second optical drive (Blu-Ray or HD-DVD) and PCI-Express Graphics card (can be replaced by the user). Those with Front Row UI is like Mike Tyson against a nerd who can lift nothing heavier than his laptop.

  10. > He has budgetted $2000…

    How about getting a Mac Book Pro 15-inch and plugging in a larger monitor. It doesn’t have to be a tower to be a “desktop” computer. A laptop will give a bonus of portability when needed and an extra display if monitor spanning is used with the external display. If the price is too high, there are some nice refurb deals on the older MacBook Pro’s right now.

    Or even better, get a 17-inch iMac (the one with dedicated graphics) and plug in a larger monitor. iMacs can do monitor spanning now, so he’ll have two displays and the cost will still be under $2000 even with the cost of the second display added in.

    For $2000, I think there are some pretty decent Mac options. But I agree that Apple does have room in its lineup for a new desktop model. Perhaps there will be a “new Cube” (or mini-tower) coming in the future.

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