‘iPod Killer’ makes Wired News’ ‘Vaporware ‘06’ list

“Pull back the red curtain and dim the lights. It’s the 9th annual presentation of the Wired News Vaporware Awards, our ode to the year’s top technology products promised, hyped and scheduled, but not delivered,” Michael Calore writes for Wired News. “The nominees were chosen by you, our readers, in November. We’ve sifted through the submissions and selected the 10 finalists… We received stacks of votes for Apple Computer’s iPhone, but that doesn’t count since Apple has never actually promised the iPod/phone combo.”

Included on the list:
8. The “IPod Killer” Every time we hear about a new portable audio device, it’s touted as the magic bullet that will end the iPod’s reign once and for all. Oh, you mean that thing? The one with the ugly design and clunky user interface? Does it at least work with iTunes? Microsoft’s Zune was supposed to do the trick, but it’s sitting on the shelves (even the SanDisk Sansa is selling better than Zune) while the kids are all enjoying their freshly unwrapped, shiny new iPods. Note to everyone: It’s a White Wire World. Get over it.

2. TiVoToGo for MacGot a show on your TiVo you want to watch on your computer or a mobile device? Great! Just fire up TiVoToGo and take Grey’s Anatomy with you on your commute. Oh, you’re a Mac user? Nevermind. This software update — which would enable Mac users to easily transfer recordings from the set-top box to a laptop, an iPod or a DVD — was promised by mid-2006, but it still has yet to materialize. Windows users have no problems, but Mac users are stuck using third-party workarounds.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “DreamTheEndless” for the heads up.]


  1. “The iPod Killer” – vaporware … this comes as no news to us. “It’s a white wire world, get over it” – mm hmm.

    TiVoToGo … well, it’s too bad Sonicblue did such a poor job marketing the ReplayTV, which has always been a superior product to TiVo, they just didn’t have Sony’s marketing machine behind it. ReplayTVs come with ethernet built-in, not requiring a USB dongle, and extra money to be paid. You can network them, share shows, watch multiple shows across a network at the same time, move shows to/from a Mac/PC/Linux without effort. The UI isn’t a Windows eXPee candy-colored crapfest, unlike TiVo. I couldn’t care less about TiVoToGo … I wish TiVo would *just* go…. away.

  2. Certainly not important enough for the top ten on such a list, but Garmin’s promise of their MapSource program available by the end of the year is another vaporware product that was disappointing for Mac GPS users. Not even a beta from Garmin… maybe at MacWorld in a couple of weeks, but MacWorld isn’t 2006 is it Garmin?

    MW: Didn’t .. as in Garmin didn’t keep their promise

  3. I’m afraid Wired News will need to issue a retraction for number 8. Zune IS the iPod killer. Let me remind you that it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

    2006 will be known as the year consumers freed themselves from Apple’s cruel hold on the MP3 player market with iPod’s closed system, proprietary format, and restrictive DRM. Zune’s approach is completely different and music lovers everywhere are rejoicing—free to use their Dells or built-in-the-basement-so-it’s-super-cheap-and-therefore-better-and-it-plays-games-and-did-I-mention-the-hulking-case-is-really-cool PC with the fantastic WMA format and the super flexible DRM structure. Awesome!

    Face it iPod lemmings: 2007 is the year brown will be smeared everywhere! Great job, Redmond—keep it up!

    Welcome to the Social.

  4. Zune Tang….

    You’re right, it is a marathon. A 26 mile marathon and Apple has a 25 mile lead. Good luck trying to catch up. I just can’t believe that you continue to post here over and over. It really drives me nuts. I just wish you would go away.

  5. All:

    I have yet to pull out of Zune (we are in the bathroom right now and he’s bent over the sink).

    He will continue these rants in this forum as his inferiority complex will never go away – he has me to thank for that.

    All this talk of brown reminds me that I have to clean up after I’m out of Zune. And it’s probably why he is so fond of the Microsoft Zune device. MY apologies for this.


    Zune Tang’s Father

  6. Ah c’mon folks, you gotta cut Zune Tang some slack. Being the village idiot is a hard job and we should be more encouraging of Zune Tang in his work. Hey, it could be worse, Tom Cruise could come back. Old Zune Tang doesn’t know the history of annoying…

    Why isn’t Vista on this list? I mean, what could be more vaporware than buying an empty box with the promise of a product to put in it at some point in the future? By the way, I’m taking orders for my new flying car that will be out next week…anyone? Anyone?

  7. I think Zune Tang is laughing his arse off at you guys….

    Lighten up!

    Haven’t you noticed that Zune Tang’s comments seem to all be written w/ heavy sarcasm??? I’ve often wondered if he’s actually one of the MDN guys trying to stir things up on the message boards!

    I always get a chuckle & look forward to reading Zune Tang’s next post..

  8. Gosh I love that Zune Thang:

    “2006 will be known as the year consumers freed themselves from Apple’s cruel hold on the MP3 player market….”

    Well there are still a couple of days left, but I have serious doubts that will happen, the only freedom consumers will be having are the ones that wised up and are returning their Zunes. I hear that is quite some social too.

    There will be no need for retraction, the “iPod killer” is vapourware for 2006. Only the revisionists like Zune Thang see otherwise and their social circle is shrinking quite quickly. Apple is setting the pace for the marathon and like another writer said, they are miles ahead of the pack.

    Oh and to all those people lined up returning their Zunes they got for Christmas…welcome to the social.

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