How the Woz shaped Apple

“Steve Wozniak’s name is established in Apple folklore as the person who single-handedly designed the company’s first computer, the Apple I,” Seb Janacek writes for

Janacek writes, “While the Apple I set the Cupertino start-up on its way towards commercial success, the Apple II, again a computer solely designed by Wozniak, turned the company and the computing world on its head.”

“Probably more so than his namesake Steve Jobs, without him there would be no Apple, let alone the Macintosh, iMac or iPod,” Janacek writes.

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Woz’s website:
Woz is a kindhearted, generous free spirit. If more people were like him, the world would be a far better place.


  1. The two of them needed each other. Woz would not have pulled it off with Steve pushing him. They were the perfect pair to pull this off.

    And the rest is History unfolding in front of our eyes. Enjoying the ride every minute.

  2. I’ve always been impressed by Woz.

    He seems to be a very rich man (in his heart). Very nice and honorable. Never says a bad word about anyone.

    He just loves the world that he gets to live in… and good for him!

  3. Don’t forget, His Steveness also brought the NExT into the world without The Woz. They’re both very motivated and creative people in the their own way, and it’s likely both of them would have done well enough without the other. But we’re very lucky they knew each other.

  4. cut the woz bashing!

    i’ve said it before, its not normal for a male to admire another male with the intensity of some on this forum. repressed, unresolved issues may be exist.

    finally, steve is straight.

  5. Neither Steve could have done it without Mike Markkula. He made a fortune as the marketing manager for the Intel 8085 and retired. He visited the Steves in their original garage shop, and came out of retirement to invest in Apple. It was he who was mostly responsible for the marketing of the product. He brought in designers to make the case. And he who rounded up the VC guys such as VenRock capital.

    Woz credits Markkula more than himself for the success of the II. (Note, I *did not* say he designed it, but it was he who saw that Apple emerged as front-runner from the pack of dozens of companies who were in the market at that time.)

    Anybody remember Processor Technology? MITS? Cromemco? Compucolor? Polymorphic Systems? Vector Graphic? SWTP?

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