RUMOR: Apple ‘iPhone’ may include JAJAH VoIP software

Daniel Mattes, co-founder of Mountain View, CA-based VoIP software developer JAJAH, has been quoted as saying that JAJAH is presently holding intense conversations with Apple over the use of JAJAH software for a mobile phone, according to a reports from the German-language website “futureZone.” JAJAH has been described as a “Skype Killer” by some (one example and another).

When contacted by futureZone, JAJAH officials would not confirm or deny working with Apple, saying only, “We have nothing to announce.”

According to the JAJAH website:
JAJAH is a new type of phone company… JAJAH is dedicated to bringing the world vastly improved telephony solutions at a fraction of the traditional price. Whenever possible, we want to provide basic phone for free – and we truly believe it’s possible. We believe that by bringing together the best of the internet with the best of the traditional telephone industry we will be able to provide our customers with unique new solutions, solutions never before possible, at a price they’ll find irresistible.

Unlike other companies that are trying to replace the phone with the computer, JAJAH believes that phones are great the way they are. Phones work. People are not interested in headsets, downloads or hotspots. They simply want to make a call. And we completely agree.

JAJAH is made for people who…
• want to call anyone, anywhere in the world at anytime for free, or at super-low rates
• like to use their existing phone (mobile or landline) to make their calls
• want to keep their existing phone number and don’t want another binding contract
• don’t want to be tied to their computer via a headset
• want to call their friends for free – no matter if they are online or not or don’t even have a computer (your grandmother for example)
• are not excited by downloading complicated software and spending hours messing with settings to do internet calls
• have any sort of internet connection (broadband or dial-up, wireless or wired)

JAJAH is all about simplicity
Enter your own phone number and the phone number you want to call on, press Call: Your phone will ring – your friend’s phone will ring – start talking! It’s what you’re used to, it’s simple, it’s free and it just works!

JAJAH currently offers a Mac OS X Address Book Plugin which allows Mac users to directly call their contacts with JAJAH. Users can just right click (ctrl+click) on the number they want to call in their Mac address book.

More in the full futureZone article (in German) here.

More about JAJAH here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “georg” for the heads up.]

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  1. “Daniel Mattes, co-founder of Mountain View, CA-based VoIP software developer JAJAH, has been quoted as saying that JAJAH is presently holding intense conversations with Apple over the use of JAJAH software for a mobile phone, according to a reports from the German-language website ‘futureZone.'”

    And now due to their telling the media about it, the words “presently holding intense conversations” has now been changed to “had been but are no longer holding intense coversations”

    MW without, as in vendors need to learn to negotiate with Apple WITHOUT telling the media about it.

  2. MacDailyNews University
    Semester Final:

    Question 1: (15 points)
    When someone the likes of Apple announces an easy to use and sexy-looking mobile phone, I will _______. (note: creativity bonus points will be awarded)

    Question 2: (15 points)
    Calculate the chances of Apple announcing an iPhone this Monday. (show our work)

    Question 3: (30 points)
    Describe the effects of MDN story comments on your personal reality-distortion field as a mac fanactic.

    Question 4: (25 points)
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    Question 5: (15 points)
    Describe a minimum of three emerging technologies that will be included in the iPhone.

  3. I tried to call my house from my cell (while I was home, so I could answer) and it worked just fine.

    There is a strange delay in the conversation, though, which I don’t usually notice when I talk to myself.


  4. The advantages of both Skype and Jajah are that they are hardware independent – i.e inexperienced users can easily use the system without having someone knowledgeable come and set up the voip system or fix it when down.
    Both democratize voip to a standard functional usefull level for most ordinary people.
    If nothing else Jajah will keep Skype in check . Anyone who has dealt with the parent owner of Skype- ebay know full well how abusive and high handed ebay is to their paying customer base.
    Apple’s skill is in developing and marketing very easy to use , functional yet stylish products – be it computers or ipods.
    Who knows maybe the apple phone will be the next Ipod .

  5. tried jajah and it does not work well. calls get dropped and even after you hang up you see the call still continuing on the screen. also, you are suppose to get a certain amount of time for free calls – but halfway through they start charging you. when you contact them they refuse to correct mistakes in call length calculations.

    the idea is nice but the fulfillment is definitely not – makes people feel cheated when they don’t fulfill their own policies.

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