Desperation time? Microsoft Zune already being discounted by retailers

Is Microsoft’s desperation showing already?

MacDailyNews and iPodDailyNews readers have noted that is currently offering $20 off the Microsoft Zune (white) model, $25 off black Zunes and $28 off brown Zunes.

In addition, the few Microsoft Zune accessories that exist are also being discounted at Amazon.

The “Fix Your Thinking” blog notes that OfficeMax is offering $20 off all Microsoft Zunes via an email flyer. Fix Your Thinking asks, “Has Apple ever discounted the iPod for anything more than a retail storewide black Friday sale?”

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  1. someone needs to share this with the Rtards over @ ‘’..I tell you those guys really are walking
    amongst the clouds….MW word : clueles as in they are clueless.

    and FYI, even with a $28 discount…the Zune is too much $$$, I’d pay $5 and expect change back…shoot.

  2. Let’s not forget MS has said they are in this for the long haul. These initial hiccups and slow sales mean NOTHING to them. If it takes a long while for Zune to reach some kind of saturation, that still creates some kind of user base that has potential for growth to match and/or overtake the iPod.

  3. Apple hasn’t discounted their products, and neither is Microsoft. Retailers absolutely have discounted iPods. I’m looking at the cover of MacConnection right now — “Save up to $20 on new iPods.”

    MDN: Shhhh. Grownups are talking.

  4. “Comes with a free 24 pack of Charmin, so you can load AND unload”

    “Zune, the one that goes *SQUIRT* in your ___”

    “Zune, the fruitcake of presents!”

    “Hey, a cat tried to cover my Zune up!”

    I don’t think the OxyClean guy could even sell one.

  5. I think the Zune absolutely sucks, but there is no story here. Amazon, Circuit City, and others routinely mark down iPods anywhere from 5-10% off. All you have to do is go to their sites right now and see for yourself. Smart shoppers haven’t been paying full retail for iPods for quite some time now….

  6. OMG! Where’s Zune Tang? Is he all right? Or is he stuck in a meeting at Microsoft, and can’t get to a computer just yet? Hope he gets here quick, or the project manager at the FUD department may have to fire him…

  7. I wonder if MDN makes more money off of articles related to Apple or Microsoft?

    There seems to be a HUGE abundance of MS articles on this site and they all get very high amount of comments. I bet MDN’s pay-per-click for MS articles is very large.



  8. PC Apologist:

    A wise man once said, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” Clearly, Zune 1.0 is ample evidence of this truism.

    If there ever IS a Zune 2.0, MonkeySoft will have to wage a fierce uphill battle to gain back the respect and support of the portable-music-buying consumer.

    Meanwhile, and long before the Z2 appears, the upcoming ViPod will be kicking ass and taking names with its touchless screen, massive hard drive, HD movie support, and more.

    Be prepared to apologize as you never have before!

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