Apple using ‘iPhone’ as diversion?

“There have been reports around the Web that Apple’s much-rumored iPhone has been delayed and/or that it’ll be a flop,” Jason D. O’Grady blogs for ZDNet. “Then it occurred to me – could iPhone be a diversion?”

“Apple engages in a fair amount of misinformation in the lead up to Macworld Expo San Francisco too. They’ve been known to selectively leak plausible-sounding stories to various rumor sites around the Web to throw us off the scent. Sometimes there are so many different Macworld Expo rumors that it’s virtually impossible to tell the credible from the decoys,” O’Grady writes. “What if iPhone is just a decoy?”

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  1. An iPhone DOES makes sense as it fits with Apple’s idea of extending the Mac: digital hub.

    Contacts, mp3s, photo and even video images from a camera that are easily synced or transfered to a computer would be great.

    An iPod is part of the digital hub strategy as well and Apple improved upon existing products.

    I think a digital camera or video cam would be very hard for Apple to get into as the products there are already very good.

    iTV works as well as it extends iTunes and video off of Macs. A PDA works in this strategy too but when u add up features, u might as well buy a laptop or a smart phone.

    Handwriting recognition is still fantasy because if it doesn’t recognize your writing 99% of the time without training, you won’t use it because it doesn’t “just work”.

  2. Haha…Apple is laughing @you, fanboys

    And we’ll laugh when the truth (that is, no iPod on the horizon) is discovered. Then, it’d be time to launch our mobile Phune (a mixture between a mobile phone and the zune…brown would be the main colour, of course)


  3. What’s the deal with Wintel fans on MDN? I thought it was already established that their presence here was for one of two reasons:

    A) They’re crapping their pants over their own doomed OS.


    B) They secretly admire Apple and wish they’d switched years ago.

    When are they gonna figure out that THEY are the unhappy computer users, not us?

  4. I, like many others, would buy an iPod/phone as soon as it came out. I have an expensive phone made by Nokia and I use Cingular. Both are crappy. Crappy phone – crappy service. Anway, it would at least be nice to ditch this POS phone with it’s built-in camera and lame interface for something along the lines of an iPod.

  5. “What if Jason O’Grady was a diversion?”

    Good point. There’s a conspiracy theory called the DiCaprio Code that involves Jason and a group of underground, monastical Mac geeks knowns as the O’Grady Noughts. Self-flagellation with SCSI cables has been rumoured (known as DeGrading) as well purchasing Scions as a high priority. Legend has it that this meaty, evil order spends many nights protecting the legend of the Moto Lisa.

    Point in case: “Jason O’Grady” is an anagram for “Sad organ joy”.

    It’s definitely part of the diversion.

  6. @Nef:

    Analysts can say whatever they want about future Apple products without any repercussions. Analysts don’t know jack. They’ll say anything to get more page hits.

    I don’t believe O’Grady’s theory, but I believe there’s nothing to the iPhone rumors at all. I think it all started from wishful thinking on the part of the Apple rumor community. Apple would not do this to themselves – can you imagine how much their stock price is going to tank once MW rolls around and there’s no iPhone?

    Seriously, the next time some analyst writes some article about what the iPhone will be like, I think I might just snap and run around killing innocent bystanders.

  7. The Reality Distortion Field is alive and well.

    Who else but Apple could have well educated, highly paid analysts playing parlor games of conjecture over a publicly traded technology company with billions of dollars riding on the outcome? You cannot buy that kind of buzz or mind share. Sitting in his office, Steve Jobs is smiling.

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