Microsoft expects to sell 1 million Zunes by June

“Microsoft Corp. said Wednesday that it expects to sell 1 million of its new Zune music players through the first half of 2007. That figure would pale in comparison to Apple Computer Inc.’s market-leading iPod, but Microsoft contends it would be a good start. ‘We think that’s actually pretty awesome,’ said Bryan Lee, corporate vice president for Microsoft’s entertainment group,” The Associated Press reports.

“Microsoft executives have played down any suggestions that the Zune is an attempt to quickly steal enormous chunks of market share from Apple, the Silicon Valley-based rival that says it sold 39 million iPods of various sizes in the 12 months ended Sept. 30,” AP reports.

“However, Lee said Wednesday that Microsoft expects to eventually ‘be the leader’ in the category, especially once Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft rolls out more models of Zunes and starts selling them internationally. For now Zune is available only in the United States. No overseas sales plans have been disclosed, AP reports. “If initial sales figures are any indication, the Zune is far from being a blockbuster.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “TripleHead” for the heads up.]
What a joke. It’s not even worth the effort. Why inflict even one of these things, much less a million of them, on the most-challenged of tech consumers? Leave that chore to SanDisk et al. Note to Microsoft: There is a big difference between starting out slow and starting out dead.

How they can still muster the false bravado is anybody’s guess. For comparison, Apple is currently selling 1 million iPods every 4-5 days. Zune was released on Nov. 14, so Microsoft thinks it’s “actually pretty awesome” to sell 1 million Zunes in around 200 days? Who believes that one?

Too bad for Microsoft that 2007’s not a leap year, they could’ve used the extra day’s sales of 5,000 crappy wannabe iPods.

How long until they pull the plug on Zune?

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  1. It would cost Bill Gates or Fester Ballmer only a quarter of a billion dollars to buy a million of those brown turds. That is a pittance to BG. He could buy them up cheaper at bulk, I bet. Then, he could donate them to third world countries so all the kids could have big bulky MP3 players. Too bad they would not have power to charge them, computers to load them, etc. OK, so maybe he could fertilize corn fields with all of those turds.

  2. Don’t pass the Koolaid? More like don’t look at the real specs. Yeah, you can share songs…kind of. Borrow my song for 3 days or 3 plays, but only if you can find the other guy in your state that has one. Bigger screen? Yeah, with the same amount of pixels, meaning that your picture will be grainier while viewing. Sorry Senor!

  3. Yeah, the market has been clamoring for years for a larger, lower battery life device for the same price as the iPod.

    The iPod clearly suffers from the fact that there is an established music/movie/TV/Audibook/Podcast store that is easy to use and uses a proprietary “currency” based upon the country you live in. What is Apple thinking?

    Plus, I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of sending a DRMed “ad” to my friends for music. It is so much easier then simply telling them about it or passing an ear bud. Definitely work the WiFi premium in battery life, weight, size, and cost.

    Lastly, features such as low quality FM radio are HUGE! Why would you want to carry around your entire music library when you can’t even listen to the same songs mixed by some other DJ in lower quality FM?

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