Alsoft releases DiskWarrior 4 (Universal Binary)

Alsoft today released DiskWarrior 4.

DiskWarrior 4 maintains, repairs, and recovers Mac disks on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs as the application is now a Universal Binary.

DiskWarrior 4 costs US$99.95 for the full version and $49.95 for the upgrade.

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  1. You don’t need to defrag. After 18 months of intensive use I checked out my drive with a fragment inspector just out of curiosity. It compared favourably with my ext3 Linux partitions at under 6% fragmentation. That’s on a disk with less than 10% free space.

  2. I believe OS X auto-defrags small files. Larger files it doesn’t. There is debate about whether defragging all the files on your system has any value. However, it is possible for a drive to become highly fragmented; I’ve had “severe” fragmentation on my drives. Again, I don’t know how bad “severe” fragmentation is as far as speed and wear-and-tear on the drive.

  3. To add to DistantThunder’s comments, those that do video editing on their systems may work with many huge files that are 12 GBs or more. One hour of DV video takes about 12 GB and some HD formats can use 48 GBs or more per hour.

  4. Disk Warrior is the premium “Disk Repair” Utility ….

    If it can’t fix what’s ailing your drive ….you’ll have to bring your machine into the shop ..

    It has saved me from doing that at least 4 times

    Also … it will warn you if your drive is about to fail …. Run it about twice a year on its own for absolutely worry and trouble free computing.

    Worth its weight in gold ….

    Solve a myriad of problems …. gives you a brand spanking new directory.

  5. Actually, version 3.0 and later do not include the defrag utility. The previous Mac OS 9 (and earlier) version included a defrag utility call Plus Optimizer. The one situation where a defrag utility is still helpful under Mac OS X is if your boot drive (or volume) is unusually small (as in less than 10 GBs). Then, your free space will be only a few GBs, and the drive can get quite fragmented because the OS uses that free space for its virtual memory swap file.

    This is good timing; just in time for MacWorld San Francisco. I bought my version 3 upgrade at MacWorld for a discount, and I’ll probably do it again next month.

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