Apple needs to think different about data security for ‘iPhone’

“Apple has a lot to think about in the design of its rumored iPhone… However, Apple also has another important technical consideration, namely the phone’s data security,” John Martellaro writes for The Mac Observer.

Martellaro writes, “In previous times, except for business professionals, few worried about the data contained in their cell phone. Getting information in and out has been so painful, many don’t bother or give up trying. However, we can expect that Apple will make synchronization with Mac OS X so seamless and bulletproof that a lost cell phone, packed with gigabytes of personal data, will pose a serious security threat. That won’t do for Apple customers accustomed to Mac OS X security.”

“The security of cell phones sold in the U.S. is so poor that Apple could make a name for itself by revitalizing the data security these devices. A beautiful phone is worthless if it betrays our trust.” Martellaro writes.

Full article, that also looks at about various methods of securing Flash memory, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

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  1. there isnt much apple can do if you are at a restaurant/bar and someone grabs your phone right off the table/bar and runs.

    Your phone that is turned on and unlocked, mind you. Which EVERYBODY does.

  2. They haven’t even made a cell phone yet and someone is criticizing that phone’s security. That’s the job of A-V software makers.

    No cell phone is secure. For the < 1% of users that really need security there are phones with encrypted systems that even make encrypted calls. For the rest of us, sooner or later you are going to lose your phone. Don’t put sensitive information on it.

  3. This is too precious. A product is rumored to be coming out soon, there is speculation that it will be enormously successful, and there are already articles talking about how to solve the problems that will be caused by that success.

    Isn’t that like buying a lottery ticket and then, before the numbers are called, lamenting all the taxes you’ll have to pay on the winnings?

  4. it is like the music DRM thing. At some point the music must come out of a speaker and reach your ears. At that point there is nothing RIAA can do about it.

    Having said all this. I agree that Apple has an opportunity to put an end to things like Paris Hilton’s sidekick hack, (insert other celeb getting hacked here), and I fully expect Apple to jump to the front of the security race in the cell phone market.

    But I caution, the iPhone will be rev. 1 any way you look at it. Best part about that…Apple is VERY quick to fix things and very often will have fixes for rev. 1 hardware even after rev. 2 comes out.

  5. The thing is, as a phone, in terms of technical specs, the iPhone doesn’t have to be literally as advanced as anything else on the market. Even if Europe and Japan are ahead they still suffer from the fundamental problems that have made people so excited by what they hope an iPhone will be and do. People want it to work, to do what it says it will do in a simple way which is actually useful to them.

    It’s all well and good having a camera but how many people use them as anything more than a novelty? You can currently use them to add pictures to people in your contacts but people tend not to bother. People rarely use the contacts facilities on their phones to any extent because it’s too hard to manage them because you have to do everything on this tiny little device. The iPod succeeded because iTunes does the majority of the work, you manage everything there and then just put it on your iPod and off you go. Sure you can make limited on-the-go playlists but if you need more than that then just get a laptop and bring it with you. Apple just need to keep it simple, make it look good, make it work with their computer so they are encouraged to take advantage of its features.

    Since the phone market is so established, it they can even remotely pull it off then it will be very interesting since the competition will be really forced to raise their game. It’s one thing trying to compete for market share you never had but it’s another when you risk losing what you already have.

  6. “Getting information in and out has been so painful, many don’t bother or give up trying.”

    To who? Thanks to Apples extremely simple to use iSync & Bluetooth tools I’ve been keeping my phone synced and moving pictures and video off and on my phone(s) for years.

  7. Why hold Apple’s feet to the fire for a capability that the cell phone industry hasn’t been able to do themselves, ever? Be real here…the availability of the iphone is still only rumor and speculation so why get wound up about the minutiae of security settings when the product is still a wish until Apple announces something.

  8. >> M.X.N.T.4.1

    Um that’s why I use bluetooth and sync all my contacts with my address book. Unfortunately Isync doesn’t support my phone a motorola L2. but I can do it a slightly hard way. I send indivual contacts to the phone via bluetooth. Though in order to get them sorted the way i want and to remove the extra data address book adds, it’s easier for me to export (drag to the desktop) the data as VCF version 2 files(under settings), open up each one in text edit and manually trim the data, and reverse the firstname, lastname. Then send all of them to the phone at once using the bluetooth file send.

    That at least allow’s me to edit the data using a keyboard and mouse. Once done I can keep the files in a folder allowing for faster changes later.

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