RUMOR: Apple plans lightweight, ultra-thin MacBook Pro with 12-inch widescreen

“MacScoop has obtained reports from sources believed to be very reliable, claiming that Apple is developing a smaller and ultra-thin form-factor MacBook Pro,” Alexandros Roussos reports for MacScoop.

“The new laptop should be even thinner and weigh less than the current models in the MacBook Pro line-up. In spite of this very tiny and lightweight form-factor, the miniaturized MacBook Pro should keep its built-in optical drive and sport a dual-core processor, providing unequalled size/performance ratio in the PC industry, sources told MacScoop,” Roussos reports.

“As it was claimed in former reports we obtained, Apple should use the 12 inch form factor while the use of ‘widescreen’ a aspect ratio sounds obvious,” Roussos reports. “Sources added that the exact price tag for this product is not defined yet, but discussions with people who are very well informed on Apple’s pricing strategy for current and forthcoming products brought us in the conclusion that Apple’s new laptop could be priced in the $1700~$1800 range… current information makes us believe that the ultra-thin MacBook Pro shouldn’t be expected before February 2007.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Does “Ultra-thin” mean “flash-based?”

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  1. Does “Ultra-thin” mean “flash-based?”

    It would seem plausible… eliminating the harddisk removes not just its own bulk but also allows for a thinner battery – which can also spread into the space formerly occupied by the harddisk.

    The primary issue would be the price of flash storage, and it’s not a trivial one at this point…

  2. At this price range ($1700-$1800), I’m afraid the “ultra-thin” MBP will sport an iPod-like HDD (1.8″, 80GB). But I hope that the next Mac line will get a very fast flash-based boot-up.

  3. Who will this laptop be targetted to?

    Outside from the obhious price difference.. I think this might take away customers from the MacBook ( those interested in good battery life, light, highly portable ) and that would not be a wise business move.

    Now if this was to be the first look at the next version of MacBook Pro, then this would make at least some sense.

  4. if it would be flashed based, it will be very expensive. for reference, 64GB flash memory notebook is over $1000 which Samsung was made before. today, 64GB is not enough. if it is 128GB, you should pay $2000 or little less. but no thank to me. I’d better replace my HD with 200GB capacity. it’s around $300. much cheaper, huge space. it will be experiment rather than Apple really wants to sell many of them. I bet Apple will introduce 12.1 inch macbook pro with HDD. then the price will be around $1500 ~ $1800. if so, I will consider to buy it.

  5. To: Does not make sense who asks: “Who will this laptop be targetted to? “

    I was ticked I had to buy the bigger 15″ And the thought of it adding poundage to my travel bags was just ticking me off. Didn’t need the wide screen.

    And it better have backlit keys like the rest of the pro line this time.

    If it’s true: 15″ MacBook Pro For Sale!

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