Apple authorizes use of ‘podcast’

“Remember in October when Dave Gray, one of the hosts of TPN’s GlobalGeek podcast, sent a letter to Apple with a cheque for $1 for using the term ‘podcast?’ I thought he was just kidding around but apparently he did actually send the letter and the check – to Steve Jobs. Seriously,” Cameron Reilly reports for The Podcast Network. “Well… yesterday he got a reply.”

The letter from “Apple Trademark Department” reads in part:
We are returning your check for $1. Apple does not object to third-party usage of the generic term ‘podcast’ to accurately refer to podcasting services. Apple does not license the term ‘podcast’.

Full article, with a copy of Apple’s letter to Gray, here.

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  1. If people would have read the facts of the original story, they’d know that Apple wasn’t trying to own the term “podcast”. Is it lack of basic comprehension skills or just plain laziness? I don’t know.

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