Analyst sees strong sales of Apple iPods over three-day kick-off to holiday shopping season

“Heavy discounts and ‘door-buster’ promotions sent more than 140 million U.S. shoppers to stores during the three-day kickoff to holiday shopping, but overall customer traffic was seen falling from last year, a retail trade group said on Sunday,” Alexandria Sage reports for Reuters.

Sage reports, “Despite the drop-off, the National Retail Federation (NRF) estimated the average shopper spent 19 percent more than last year — or $360.15 versus $302.81.”

“Creative Strategies analyst Tim Bajarin said his weekend checks to malls showed strong sales of Apple Computer Inc.’s iPod, which could bode well for Apple’s quarterly results,” Sage reports.

Full article here.

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  1. Another analyst, another incorrect assertion. Won’t he be embarrassed to see millions of iPod sales displaced by Microsoft’s magnificent Zune when holiday sales figures are released in January. Once again Microsoft has built a fantastic business that will leave Apple in the dust. How does Microsoft do it? Create a true original in the Zune, toss in a dash of their software magic with Zune Marketplace, add a nifty points system the buying public has been clamoring for and voila! Pure magic.

    iPod lemmings, there’s still time to get off this road to nowhere and hitch a ride with a winner: Zune. Thank you, Microsoft!

    Your potential. Our passion.

  2. My sister in law refuses to buy an iPod because everyone has one. Too popular she said.

    I pointed out to her that her new laptop was from Dell who are the most popular computer maker.

    For the first time ever she didn’t have anything to say! I think she realized that her logic was completely flawed.

    When she talked later about buying songs on Rhapsody I didn’t bother to mention that iTS will be around a lot longer than that.

    If I had some spare cash I would buy my Mum and Dad a Mac. My Dad hardly uses his PC and usually only switches it on to check his security updates. He sent me an email today that never was delivered. I wish I had the money because when you’re over 70 and computer illiterate you absolutely need a computer that just works. That’s what separates Macs form the rest.

  3. Won’t he be embarrassed to see millions of iPod sales displaced by Microsoft’s magnificent Zune when holiday sales figures are released in January.

    After checking Amazon’s Top Sellers list this evening, after the big holiday kickoff weekend:

    Five of the top ten electronics items, including the top three, are iPods.

    The best Zune is in no-man’s land at #91. And it’s not all iPod: players from SanDisk and Creative are also handily outselling Zune. A 50-pack of blank Memorex CD-R’s is selling better at #90.

    Of course MS will spin it that sales are good & they expect growth over time. But this is an utter meltdown and everyone knows it.

    ZT, the only embarrassed people are the poor souls who dare to be seen in public with their aptly-brown new Zunes.

  4. Come on, ladies and gents, we all know a put on when he read one. Zune Tang is, in fact, one of us, but he likes to pull legs now and again on the MDN site. If you read him enough, and most of us have, you will quickly come to the conclusion that he is a committed Mac user who just likes to stir up our passions a bit.

    Thanks, Zune. We get the joke.

  5. So where are all those idiots at Engadget and Gizmodo on their prophosies of Zune taking over this Christmas?!?!?

    We were right again, and Microsoft is again shown to be the shoddiest manufacturer of hardware and software on the planet. Even their massive marketing, fan website creation et al is shown to be rubbish.


    So correct, proven beyond doubt yet again…!

    Oh and of course Zune Tang is excused from this insult. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  6. iPods are now in the 1(2GB silver), 2(30GB), 3(shuffle), 5(80GB), 7(4GB pink) spots on the Amazon ELECTRONICS Top Seller list, clearly passing the Canon SD600 camera (#4).

    As for the MP3 list, iPods hold 12 of the top 16 slots (Sansa at 6,10,14; Zen at 12). That includes every model in the current lineup except the U2 edition. And it also includes the last generation black nano.

    As for Zune, it’s at 18 (black), 62 (brown), and 76 (white). For comparison, the U2 iPod is at 60.

    The audience has spoken.

  7. The audience has spoken? Hardly. How is Amazon a barometer of sales success? Nobody shops at Amazon. Just as Apple has inflated the popularity of their has-been iPod with fake websites and manipulated the media with phony negative Zune reviews they are using their market leading position to force Amazon to publish false numbers. This “Social” thing is going to explode and that’s where the Zune sales will come from.

    Quote the Amazon numbers all you want. I will hold my head up high knowing I bought a Zune which has fresh, original technology from a company that differentiates themselves through innovation, quality and end-user friendliness. My Zune is people ready.

    Welcome to the Social.

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