Apple preps two distinct ‘iPhone’ models, to ship up to 4.2 million in first quarter 2007

“Apple is preparing at least two versions of its forthcoming iPod mobile phone, popularly known as the ‘iPhone’, according to reports from component suppliers in Taiwan and Japan,” Simon Burns reports for

“A 3G version and a GSM version of the iPhone will be available by March 2007, sources have told analysts in Taipei,” Burns reports. “Apple’s suppliers will make approximately 12 million phones during 2007, nine million GSM versions and three million 3G versions, a Taipei-based analyst revealed to”

Burns reports, “Apple is believed to be working on a smartphone with wireless internet, a full keyboard and video playback, as well as a simpler music phone, according to Prudential Equity Group analyst Jesse Tortora. These two products appear to correspond respectively to the 3G and GSM versions.”

Burns reports, “Based on component orders reported by suppliers to analysts, Apple is gearing up to ship as many as 4.2 million iPhones in the first three months of production.”

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  1. ive been waiting for this for sooo long and it seems sooo close now, if this hype all turned out to be nonsence i would be devestated, almost as much as apple stock lol ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. That doesnt’ really make sense. 3G is a technology for data that both GSM and CDMA networks use.

    Maybe they mean apple’s GSM phone will be 3G, or maybe they mean they will roll out a CDMA and GSM version.

    it really doesn’t make sense for them to roll out a GSM phone and then a 3G GSM phone…

    by the way Cingular 3G is UMTS, Sprint/Verizon 3G is EV-DO

  3. Isn’t 3G just a designation of third generation technology
    and basically means the speed at which a phone is able
    to transmit and receive data?

    In other words there are 1G GSM phones, 2G GSM phones,
    2.5 GSM phones, and 3G GSM phones — and all GSM phones
    are by definition either 1G or 2G or 2.5G or 3G.

    There is no such choice as a 3G phone “or” a GSM phone.

    The choice of course is between GSM (Cincular and T-Mobile)
    and CDMA (Verizon and the rest) which is only used in the U.S.A.

    and CDMA phones are also eith 1G CDMA or 2G CDMA or 3G CDMA.

    So what is this nonsense about a 3G phone AND a GSM phone?

    Too much cannabis stuffing in the turkey?

  4. What are the range, average, and median battery lifes of common mobile phones?
    What are the range, average, and median battery lifes of the various iPods?

    How will Apple design a possible combination “iPhone + iPod” that will have the necessary battery life to power two devices in one and won’t weigh more than a Zune?

    Perhaps each iPhone will come with one of these,

    Or, will Apple scrap the idea of two-in-one device and focus entirely on the iPhone as a communications device and not something that also plays music?

    You can have a device:
    1. To play music.
    2. For communication.
    3. That has decent battery life and doesn’t weigh a “ton”.

    Choose two of the above.

  5. They probably mean GSM 3G, mainly because the market is worldwide and large. However, 3G is not available widely in the US, although both Cingular and T-Mobile either have or will have HSDPA in 2007, and HSDPA is being adopted worldwide, unfortunately for you CDMA lovers out there. Even Japan and South Korea, CDMA holdouts, are moving to GSM. Here’s the biggest problem however–in Europe, 3G runs on a 2100, while in the US it will run 850 or 1900.

    I seriously doubt they would launch a CDMA phone, because Verizon and Sprint lock out phones. I’d place a bet on a GSM phone with some new technology to receive 3G worldwide. THAT would be cool.

  6. Roy–I agree with your comments about GSM and 3G. But outside of the US, where the article was written, 3G ONLY means 3G GSM (either UTMS or HSDPA). CDMA 3G is just not very important outside of the USA.

    If this article is right, and who knows about that, they’re going to have a PDA-like phone that is 3G compatible. Exchange video, download songs from ITMS at high-speed, web-surfing, everything. This could be a wet-dream phone!

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