What’s on your Apple ‘iPhone’ wish list?

“One of the single best potential features of the iPhone is that won’t be tied to a specific mobile phone carrier,” Jason D. O’Grady blogs for ZDNet. “One of the commenters yesterday said it best: Even the best and most popular phones on the US market are always a political compromise between makers and carriers. Everyone pulls in their direction; carriers want features that will squeeze more money (sending pictures and videos; text messaging, etc); makers want more and more features, so that they can charge more. Ordinary users are ignored.”

“Locked phones are heavily subsidized by the carrier so that they can be sold for almost nothing – with a two year contract and significant early termination fee. The best part of a carrier-free (also called ‘unlocked’) mobile phone is that Apple doesn’t have to cripple its features because the greedy carriers want to charge for every picture, text and ring tone,” O’Grady writes.

“A perfect example of this is how Verizon Wireless forces handset manufacturers to disable all but the Bluetooth headset profile. Another example of carrier compromise is the Motorola ROKR’s artificial 100 song limitation and inability to purchase and download tracks from iTunes Over The Air (OTA). Hopefully Apple’s carrier divorce will mean that the iPhone has features that users want, like BT syncing,” O’Grady writes.

O’Grady writes, “Another iPhone issue that came up in the comments is how many GSM bands (if any) it will support and whether or not it and will ship with Cingular 3G from the get go. I agree with the commenter, I would like to see it ship as a quad band phone and not have different phones for different countries.”

O’Grady covers more potential iPhone features (button-less modular design, battery partitioning) and includes a wish list (light version of Mac OS X and Mac apps) in the full article here.

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  1. My wish list? More market share for Apple. More Mac users. I’m so damn tired of waiting and hoping. I’ma prolly drop dead just from waiting if they don’t or can’t get the dang show on the road pretty quick here. heh.

  2. version without a camera – not everybody cares

    keypad that doesn’t suck (I looked at a razor and laughed – what a cheap peice of junk)

    a decent headset – not this one eared – don’t know which end is what crap there is now-a-days

  3. People People!!!

    Let’s think here! If you can hook into a network with a phone think about the possibilities! I was running last night and I thought about this and it brought a smile to my face. Please tell me if this is a farce or just too hard to do.

    1. Mobile iChat. Viedo on cellular service seems to be the new rage. Why not a direct conversation iChat style? That would be insane and also fit into somehting that apple would do for sure.

    2. With having that why not also have your songs stream to you from the iTunes servers? They have your purchase info. Screw loading your phone. Why not just be able to stream the songs that you have purchased already no matter what ther amount. It just hits the server for the song that is playing and maybe buffers that 1 song as it plays. So you can carry your entire music collection anywhere ( purchased, a big selling point for apple and a huge leap ahead of any competition )

    3. Of course home sync. for all your calendar and bookmarks, and contacts.

    4. Oh, and my realistic want is it to be a flip phone for damage and scratch reasons.

    The Pi has thought, the Pi has spoken!

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />


  4. Top few items on my list?

    1) Seamless syncing with my mac. For a short period of time a few years ago all the stars aligned with me. I had a bluetooth capable phone that was compatible with isync, and isync had the automatic syncing feature still. So whenever I would enter a contact on my phone it would at some point be automatically and wirelessly synced with my computer.(or vice versa) That was sweet. I want that again.

    2) Built in bluetooth headset. It doesn’t even have to be the best headset… right now I carry around a $90 ear plug. Why? Because I always forget to charge the stupid thing. Or sometime I just forget to bring it. Or I lose it because it’s so small. I want something built in to the phone that will always be with the phone, and charge with the phone so it’s always ready. Heck even if it were not wireless it would be an improvement over my current situation.

    3) kick ass reception. I am sick of owning phones with incedible features but horrible reception. Remember that nokia phone that came out about 8 years ago. Everyone had one? It’s was on the largeish bricky side but I could get a signal in the subway.

    thats pretty much it..
    I dont care too much about how good the camera or music player are. I’m sure, knowing apple, that it will be great. There are all sorts of other features that owuld be nice… like WiFi and iChat video chatting built in. But that would just be icing…

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