Apple prepping AMD-powered MacBooks and/or Xserves?

“Taiwan passive component makers are witnessing an aggressive increase in orders for high-capacitance multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs), with most of the MLCCs having a capacitance of 22μF, and being for use in an AMD-based Apple notebook, sources at the makers noted. For this new notebook, about 70 22μF MLCCs will be required, with Japan-based Murata Manufacturing, Taiyo Yuden and TDK being the three major suppliers, the sources added,” Yen Ting Chen, Shawn Chen and Nuying Huang, and Esther Lam report for DigiTimes.

“Passive component makers are generally optimistic about the growth catalyst that the new AMD-base Mac notebooks could bring. Already, demand for Intel-based dual-core Apple notebook models that require about 80 22μ MLCCs has caused supply to tighten for the high-capacitance MLCCs, with notebook makers having to adjust their MLCC mixture, the makers noted,” DigiTimes reports.

“However, some motherboard makers are doubtful about any AMD and Apple partnership, with the makers noting the performance advantage Intel currently enjoys over AMD, especially for the Core 2 Duo processor compared with AMD’s present CPU lineup. AMD is also considered to have insufficient capacity, the makers added,” DigiTimes reports. “Sources at Taiwan server makers, though, indicated that Apple may apply AMD’s x86 socket CPUs to its servers.”

Full article here.

Tony Smith reports for The Register, “It’s not clear why an increased demand for these components should indicate an Apple AMD-based product, particularly when the same sources suggest AMD-based machines require fewer MLCCs than Intel-based ones do.”

“Just as pertinent a dampener on the Taiwanese moles’ claim: Apple’s MLCC suppliers are said to be Japanese not Taiwanese. As we’ve noted before, now that Dell’s started offering AMD-based systems, Apple is now the only company rumourmongers can turn to for claims that a major vendor is ditching its Intel-only policy,” Smith reports. “It’s hard to imagine Apple not at very least evaluating AMD processors, but the exclusivity of its deal with Intel would appear for now to outweigh the benefits of bringing a second source of CPUs on board.”

Full article here.
Jobs knows that stranger things have happened, and with Apple, anything can happen, but this just doesn’t seem plausible to us right now.

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  1. British magazines seem to rush to print with anything that they can print. Truth, fiction, just plain weird, doesn’t matter, Just print it.

    I guess they have been reporting on the royal family too long!! LOL ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />


  2. In breaking news, it’s rumored that Apple could be aligning itself with Motorola to introduce a PowerPC based notebook. As to why this is a rumour, is because I wrote it and it’s now on the internet, so it stands to reason…

    Welcome to MacDailyRumors…

  3. They wont be flying the AMD flag just yet. AMD needs to play catch up, Again. And even after that, apple designs all aspects of there pc’s. To introduce an AMD chipset with all its own set of problems like heat and incompatability could end in a mess of a problem. Plus, the switch to intel opened the door to more customers, adding AMD will not accomplish the same thing, and I bet you anything intel has given apple a huge promise of support and resources.

  4. I could see Apple *maybe* wanting to work with AMD because they now own ATI, the supplier of many of Apple’s graphics chips for quite a while.

    Still, this seems unlikely, given that Apple and Intel have been working together to design some of their components. Plus, if I’m not mistaken, the Mac Pro uses an NVidia, so ATI is not the end-all be-all here.

    MW: Stop, as in “Stop confusing us with rumours.”

  5. Such a report strains credibility. Given the fact that Intel, for now, has the preferred CPUs, and given the resources that Apple and Intel have jointly committed to this venture, for Apple to change horses at this point would make no sense. More likely, these components are being provided to those OEMs building on behalf of Apple for use in products of *other* companies for whom those OEMs also build.

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