Apple’s Keynote frees presentations from ‘Death By PowerPoint’ fate

“See, we’re a Mac-based company, so we’re not stuck with PowerPoint. And over the years, we’ve used a variety of presentation programs ranging from AppleWorks to OpenOffice. And in the last three years, we’ve been using Apple’s Keynote software, which is bundled as part of its iWork package. And quite honestly, it puts PowerPoint to shame,” Blackfriars Communications’ Carl Howe writes for Seeking Alpha.

Howe writes, “Why do I say this? Because I did hundreds of presentations using PowerPoint as an analyst and always dreaded the experience of creating the slides. And Keynote removes that dread and makes us look better because it:”

• Renders slides for maximum impact
• Makes it easy to do common things
• Avoids needless clutter
• Helps presenters present well

Howe writes, “We’re not the first people to observe the Keynote effect. Les Posen at Cyberpsych has a terrific blog article titled, “Just what is it about Keynote that is changing the way people present?” where he cites a number of famous presenters who have been won over to Keynote because it allows them to be more creative. And of course, Al Gore did the visuals for his groundbreaking film, “An Inconvenient Truth” in Keynote. And Garr Reynolds at the site notes how the Zen esthetic embodied in Keynote allows Steve Jobs’ presentations to have much more power and impact than similar presentations by Bill Gates.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Want to know how to wow ’em? Easy, use Apple’s Keynote and not PowerPoint. Chances are that most of the room hasn’t seen a Keynote presentation and just by breaking out of the PowerPoint rut, you’ll perk up more than few pairs of tired eyes. More info about Apple’s Keynote application here.

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  1. I LOATHE Powerpoint. However, when I attempted to use Keynote this past summer I found I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do with animations. The animations appeared quite primitive. I would LOVE to be told that I am missing some amazing Keynote animation power etc, but…

  2. I like that nobody in the ‘corporate’ world knows about this…with little effort, I can look like a rock star every time I present. It’s like shaking a rattle in front of a baby…except the baby is more intuitive.

  3. If you don’t need to share presentations Keynote works but the whole world is on Powerpoint. If you have a complex presentation to share with trade show organizers (a lot of them only use powerpoint) or people that work at large corporations you will run into problems.

  4. I bought Keynote shortly after v1 came out. After half an hour of experimenting, I declared: “Never again will I use Powerpoint.” Since then I have used Keynote exclusively in numerous academic presentations. The enhanced audience response is very apparent, and compliments are clearly more genuine.

    It is not that Powerpoint does not work. It helps you make mechanical presentations, at some substantial cost in effort. Keynote helps you make personalized, effective presentations, also with effort, but with enjoyable effort, and much less effort. Results are livelier, not mechanical.

  5. You can also export to Flash and while some elements don’t survive the transition many do…. I suspect this will continue to improve with certain character effects and combination builds making it to Flash. It works very well…Powerpoint, as a slide show, works well enough but in terms of editing ease and the sheer power of making more visually interesting and compelling shows…FAR more easily it can’t compare to Keynote.

  6. Yes, I much prefer Keynote to Powerpoint, but if you have to do a presentation that will be shared with Powerpoint users, you have to test Keynote export in Powerpoint because it will be different unless you are doing something at the most basic level.

    So, I really hate to say this, but if I am going to do a presentation that I know will be played by mostly Powerpoint user, I just do it in PPT, rather than have to check every single thing anyway.

    Is sad that I have do dumb down my presentation so it will work in PPT, but I can’t blame Apple for that.

  7. In June of 2007, my company will be introducing an enterprise presentation application that will put both to shame. I still use Keynote for basic presentations and it’s a great tool. But man, do we ever have a fun, never-seen-before presentation software app entering its final stages of development. And there have been a lot of sleepless nights getting this thing off the ground….

    I’ll be sure to send our official press release to MDN when it’s released. Stay tuned.

    Jeremy Richter

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