Apple’s iWeb ‘06 ‘sleek and very easy to understand; build a basic website within minutes’

“I was curious in trying iWeb 06 because I wanted to find out if this software was only compatible through Apple’s .Mac storage solution. While iWeb 06 does generate all of the files necessary and .Mac users will appreciate the one click publishing capability, there is no option to set up a FTP connection to your web server. If you don’t have a .Mac account, you will have to publish your site to a local folder then upload all of those files to your web server manually,” Don Lee reports for TeckMagazine.

Lee reports, “Even though this manual process takes a little more effort, the displayed results will appear the same way. Surprisingly, the website I designed using Apple’s About Me template displayed beautifully on my Mac and Windows computers using various web browsers. On the Mac, I used Safari 2.0, Mozilla Firefox 1.5, recent build of Camino and Opera. In Windows, I tested my site using Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and Opera 8.51. I also tested the site’s appearance in the latest Mac and Windows versions of America Online’s internal web browser. To my surprise, my iWeb presentation appeared fine in all browsers and on both platforms.”

Lee reports, “The program’s interface is sleek and very easy to understand. You can build a basic website within minutes and importing content such as images and video clips is aseasy as dragging and dropping it to its assigned areas on the webpage. The image editing features only require you to select the image on the page. Once selected, you can modify the image’s appearance with iWeb’s image controls. Change the brightness, contrast, color and more can all be done through the program’s interface.”

Full review here.

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  1. iWeb is possibly the most under-rated product that Apple has created.

    I know virtually nothing about html and have never built a web site before, but needed a web site built within a ten day time scale. Having thought about the various alternatives, I guessed that if I bought iLife 06, I might be able to use iWeb and get it done within the time scale.

    I got iLife home in the early afternoon and by four o’ clock had installed it and updated it. A quick look at iWeb convinced me that it was likely to work for me, so I set about creating the artwork I’d need and by the early evening I was ready to try iWeb for real.

    By midnight, I had my twenty page web site done and published to the web space provided as part of my ISP deal. I couldn’t believe that it would have been possible to achieve all that in such a short time scale, or to do it to such a high standard.

    The next day I realised that I had made a bit of a goof and some things could be done better. Completely re-building the site afresh and cutting & pasting the previous content into it only took two or three hours and I reckon I could now do it very much quicker.

    I hope that Apple develops it further for when iLife 07 is released.

  2. I created my website in iWeb and then totally redid it in iWeb a few weeks ago—that took most of a Saturday. People who see the site say “wow” and tell me it’s great. I have a long history in graphic design but no web experience. Html gives me the hives. Coding gives me the hives. iWeb makes me happy.

    My prediction

    Coming in 07:

    insert raw html if you want to
    save a page as a theme or template
    edit templates however you wish
    find and change elements throughout your site
    undate and publish just the changes to your site
    and of course: more templates

  3. “Surprisingly, the website I designed using Apple’s About Me template displayed beautifully on my Mac and Windows computers using various web browsers”

    It’s only surprising if you’ve been living in a Windows world and things don’t just work. I had a friend beg me to explain how I setup my “Photos” page, as he had hired a web firm to make his family’s personal site!

    When I showed him the oh-so-difficult iWeb interface he was stunned. He had dropped like $500 for something I did in about 5 minutes. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Thank you for saying it, PorradaVFR!!

    Quick! Someone tell Peterson that THIS is what Apple means when they say “It Just Works”.

    NOT that it is flawless in every way, has no bugs, and does everything exactly the way you want it to.

    But that it is simple, easy, and EFFECTIVE at quickly doing 90% of the work with 10% of the effort.

    If you are not a Web Professional, if you just want a website that looks nice and works, iWeb is a dream come true. If you really want 100% control, iWeb is not for you. It has limitations, sacrifices made for ease of use and simplicity for the mainstream user.

    Sure it’s not Dreamweaver – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great piece of software, especially considering the price of the whole iLife package… I mean, really, iWeb as a percentage costs what? $16 if you divide evenly among the 5 apps (iTunes doesn’t count because it’s free).

    I agree with the comment above, this is one of Apple’s most under-rated products, and quite literally a bargain at twice the price.

  5. MacMaster made an overly-brief, overly-simplified point: RapidWeaver can do a whole lot more – and often better – for a similar cost.
    loganson‘s points are equally valid – and equally over-simplified. Wile it is true that iWeb will let you design a visually stunning web site, you are seriously limited in available styles and your sites – like his – will load like they are being sucked into quicksand.

    Both packages let you build sites near as sweet as a $50/hour pro can build with all the ‘right’ tools available – and will do it for under $50 and in under an hour! iWeb excels at amazing eye-candy while the less-flamboyant RapidWeaver makes it easier to build larger sites, more varied/individualized sites, faster-loading sites. MacMaster felt those advantages make it “much better” than iWeb – I’m not going to argue with him. loganson is happy with the very pretty site he built in a short time with a minimum of pain and thinks iWeb is wonderful for that. I won’t argue with him either. SandVox is in between, in many ways. It will be interesting to see what they look like in their next revs no more than six months down the road.

  6. There were lots of complaints about the HTML output by iWeb when it first came out. Apple includes all kinds of tags that are seemingly unnecessary. However, since different browsers interpret the standards in different ways, all those “unnecessary” tags actually do serve a purpose — they ensure that the site does display correctly no matter what browser or what platform. This may also result in slower loading times, but would you rather your site loads a little slow and looks great, or loads fast and looks wrong?

  7. Loganson… a very nice site, but you’re breaking the law by using copyrighted music in your videos that appear on the front page of your site. It’s one thing to use a song to create a video of a wedding, and I imagine that most artists wouldn’t mind that so much. But using a copyrighted song on a site that is seeking to make $$ is going to get you in trouble if the artist finds out. You need to contact the artist or publisher and purchase a “mechanical license” to use their songs. If you’ve already done this then you need to also publish the songs publisher, the year of publication, and the phrase “used by permission” underneath each video.

    There is an alternative called that allows you to purchase royalty free music for use as a music bed underneath video presentations.

    DLMeyer… Loganson’s site loaded slow because of his decision to put the video on the front page, if you load the other pages it is very snappy. Also, there are a number of people designing templets for iWeb. has some stunning examples.

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