A Windows expert opts for a Mac life

“I’ve found myself increasingly disturbed by the many ways Microsoft is willing to erode the overall user experience, in most cases in the name of boosting its bottom line… If I could strip out aspects of Vista — like Microsoft’s aggressive antipiracy measures and some of its onerous protective mechanisms, the high cost of Vista Ultimate, and other unpleasant aspects of the new operating system — I might continue as a more-or-less content Windows user. But the emergence of Vista has sparked something new inside me, a serious need to explore my alternatives,” Scot Finnie reports for Computerworld.

Finnie reports, “So, about a month ago I decided it was high time to do my homework on other systems in the only way I know that works: total immersion.”

“Beginning this week, for at least one month — maybe three — I’m making an Apple MacBook Pro my main work and personal computer. I’ve been slowly building up the software and systems I need to do this (with the excellent help of Computerworld’s IT department), including Lotus Notes for Macintosh and the migration of my 13-year-old Eudora for Windows installation. I may rely to some extent on Parallels for the Mac to run some things in an XP virtual machine, especially in the beginning. But the goal, as I said, is to find Macintosh tools for everything I do in Windows,” Finnie reports.

“To those of you who’ve been reading me for years because of my Windows expertise and insights, I’m not letting go of Windows! I will be echoing my experience on my current Windows production machine — a dual-core ThinkPad T60 — by upgrading to Windows Vista. I have access to four Macs, three of which are Intel-based. There are more than 15 Windows machines that I use and test with. It’s a Windows world, and I’m not dropping out,” Finnie reports. “But I’m committed to giving the Mac a fair chance.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We can’t wait to see if Finnie’s trial period results in more than just 1-3 months of using Macintosh as his main work and personal computer, as has been the case for so many who give the Mac a real chance to perform.

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  1. You said it, ken1w… Lotus notes on a PC is at least the 7th level of computing hell. If he’s really tired of the “eroding user experience”, he should forget about installing that nasty little piece of code on any machine.

    Lotus Notes is the worst program ever written.

  2. He actually writes: But my Linux experience, though not considerable, has helped me log in and out of root to change system settings on the Mac with relative ease (once I knew where to initiate the authentication).
    He actually logs in as root, that’s a good one when you’re not familiar to the system ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> sudo rm -rf /* anyone?

  3. Never really have found a good reason to log in as root in these past 7 years a I have been using the Mac. I’m sure there are- but if I can help it I’ll stay away from the pancreas thank you.

    “eat when you can, sleep when you can and stay away from the pancreas”

    Kind of surprising- that quote is passed through generations in some circles, & only googles to one hit.

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