Thurrott reviews Apple’s 2G iPod Shuffle: ‘a wonder of size, weight, and usability – I love it’

“Like the iPod 5G and iPod nano, the new iPod shuffle is nearly perfect, an exhilarating combination of portability and usability. I love it,” Paul Thurrott writes for Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows.

“I was a huge fan of the first generation iPod shuffle… I ended up purchasing two versions of the original shuffle, a 1GB version and a 512 MB version, the latter of which I gave to my wife,” Thurrott writes.

Thurrott writes, “The second generation iPod shuffle is almost comically small…. the sound quality is stunning, though I tested the iPod shuffle with the nicer headphones Apple ships with its other new iPods. Apple rates the battery life at up to 12 hours.”

“The iPod shuffle 2G requires Apple iTunes 7.0.2 or newer, which is a free download from the Apple Web site. (The iPod shuffle packaging is too small to include an install CD.) This is just fine with me, as iTunes is the best digital media jukebox out there anyway, and the software provides you with access to Apple’s market leading iTunes Store online service. As with the other new iPods, iTunes 7 is also used to manage the iPod shuffle, via a nice graphical interface,” Thurrott writes.

Thurrott writes, “Apple’s new iPod shuffle is a wonder of size, weight, and usability, and the perfect companion for music lovers who don’t want their portable audio player to get in the way. If you need something more sophisticated–say a device with more storage or a screen–then Apple’s got you covered with the new iPod nano. And naturally, those with even more dramatic requirements will find the new iPod 5G to be the best portable audio player of them all. How Apple is able to keep hitting them out of the park is unclear, but they do. The iPod shuffle is cute, wearable, durable, and features great battery life and excellent sound. There’s no such thing as perfect, of course, but the new iPod shuffle comes pretty close. Highly recommended.”

Full review here.
Thurrott has come a long, long, long way: Apple Computer’s tenuous hold on the portable audio-player market might soon fall thanks to a predictable foe, Dell, whose Dell Digital Jukebox (Dell DJ) is off to a strong start. The Dell unit is a bit bigger than Apple’s elegant iPod, but it features a more intuitive scrolling navigation wheel and support for Microsoft’s ubiquitous Windows Media Audio (WMA) format, which all online music services except Apple use.. The Dell DJ also features dramatically better battery life than the iPod, lower prices, a built-in audio recorder, and–gasp–a simpler interface than the iPod. As the owner of two iPods, I’ve long expected the PC world to catch up with–and surpass–Apple’s entry. My only surprise is that it’s taken this long. – Paul Thurrott, Connected Home Media, December 5, 2003 (source)

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  1. I’ve been following Thurrot for some time, as I was considering whether to switch to OS X, or Vista.

    What I found, was that he is actually far more balanced in his opinions than many people give him credit for.

    He tends to be honest, and certainly credible.

    Ut’s funny (for instance), how he broke the news of the Intel Switch. Well he was panned by a lot of Mac users for that suggestion.

    If you look at his reviews of Tiger (when it was released), you will find that he has always been a Mac zealot.

    He’s just honest. That includes about Windows when it’s good and bad… and OS X.. when it’s good and bad.

  2. Well, the Shuffle is going to sell like crazy. That’s for sure. The first quarter numbers are likely to stun even the staunchest Apple supporters amongst us, I predict. Ya just gotta love it.

  3. One would have to be literally in thrall, serfdom, and enslavement to µ$oft to express anything other than fanboy admiration for this new Shuffle, seriously. There’s nothing out there even remotely close. Perfect, well, it’ll be perfect when someone comes up with a USB-to-mini-jack adaptor for it, so we don’t have to bring the dock along.

    MDN word ‘better’- should have been ‘best’

  4. Well, Thurrot MIGHT come around to liking Vista, but at one point he called it a “trainwreck”. At the moment, he has taken a wait-and-see attitude on Vista. At least that’s my take, per his web site. Overall, he has been absolutely the most critical tech writer towards Vista on ANY Doze-oriented site I’ve ever read.

  5. Thurrott teeters on the edge of “honesty” for a reason– he sounds credible enough that most people don’t completely discount him, and so that when he takes an oppositional stance it looks as if he’s “being real” and can be relied on. Unless he is mellowing in his older years, he’s still an opportunist.

  6. You think that Thurrott laughs himself silly whenever he bates MDN into linking another one of his trivial articles?

    When he bashes Apple, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and must be out of his mind. When he applauds them, he’s a famous industry expert.

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