Microsoft Zune unlikely to hit UK until 2008

“Microsoft’s iPod-rivaling Zune digital media player – still rumoured to eventually include games capabilities – won’t launch in the UK until at least the end of 2007, a year after the US launch,” Andrew Wooden reports for MCV.

Wooden reports, “Although the device is on track for release in the US on November 17th, it will miss the lucrative Christmas market in the UK and Europe this year and possibly next. One reason for the delay is reported to be that Microsoft has had no one to head up a UK and European launch.”

Full article here.
So much for world domination. And, come on, “iPod-rivaling?” Our sainted aunts. We can give you 68 million reasons why Zune is not “iPod-rivaling” … 69… 70…

The more we learn abut Zune – the half-baked hardware, software, and business plan – the more we become convinced that Microsoft really wants Zune to fail for some reason. Perhaps they think a Zune failure will help to somehow force Apple to open FairPlay or maybe they need a tax write-off? Then, again, Microsoft does show all the signs of classic mismanagement with a pure bozo running the show, so it is quite possible that they are just amping up their suckage level to new heights.

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  1. To be fair, the iPod is NOT a big thing here in Europe. Mobile phones with a couple of Gb worth of storage are much more common. The market of ignorants is wide open to M$’ advertising.

  2. idiot! you think Zune will work on the top of mountain? every single device has limitation in term of temperature, altitude, pressure, etc. Zune is not rule out. so go ahead to wait for stupid browny shit! then I will grab new video ipod then.

  3. Emil talks crap. Go on the London Underground in rush hour and half the people have iPods. Apple’s sales for iPod and Macs in Europe are huge and growing fast (40% of Apple’s sales are outside USA).

    Saying that, UK is by far Apple’s strongest country in Europe; the French, Germans, Italians, and Kazakhstanis are behind.

    The UK is the most important European market for MP3 players, iPod is currently leader (by a long way), and Microsoft aren’t planning to launch ZUNE until Q1-2008. Why?

    Apparently it’s because Microsoft can’t hire anyone to spearhead ZUNE’s UK and European launch.

  4. Microsoft has 71,000 employees and can’t find someone (from inside or outside the company) to lead the launch of a copycat consumer product?

    This means one of two things. Either (1) the Zune is so bad that nobody is willing to ruin their career by having it on their resume or (2) Microsoft is actually expecting this thing to be a complete failure and aren’t willing to put much money into launching it on a global scale.

    The other thing to consider is how long it took Apple to negotiate rights with record studios for foreign markets. Microsoft may not be able to offer any coontent overseas for another year.

  5. Take it easy edward, Jim was beeing cynical and referring to an earlier article from some ‘real’ idiot complaining about just that, the iPod not working on top of Everest. The article actually finance by iriver. So cool down.

  6. Got a trade magazine right here that says they have internally appointed a head of Zune International who will be looking at finding someone to fill this role.

    Another problem is that they “haven’t yet selected a music store provider to build Marketplace in the UK, which means we’re a way off launch” said Dene Schonknecht, Microsoft Media and Entertainment Alliance Manager.

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