Microsoft Windows Vista delayed yet again

“PC manufacturers that expected to get their hands on the final version of Windows Vista on Wednesday have to wait a couple more weeks for the OS, according to sources familiar with the company’s plans,” Al Sacco reports for CIO news.

“Microsoft originally targeted Wednesday for Vista’s release to manufacturing, but a last-minute bug that ‘took most of the Vista team by surprise,’ caused an unexpected delay, said Ethan Allen, a quality assurance lead at a Seattle high-tech company that tests its products for Vista,” Sacco reports. “Allen said the Vista team discovered the bug, which ‘would totally crash the system, requiring a complete reinstall,’ in Vista Build 5824 on Friday, Oct. 13.

Sacco reports, “The team is now targeting a new date of Wednesday, Nov. 8, for Vista’s release to manufacturing, Allen said. He also said that the business release of Vista, which Microsoft recently said is track for release next month, ‘will barely make the end of November deadline.'”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Qka” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: We’re amazed that anyone relegated to the Windows Vista team can still muster surprise at discovering a bug.

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  1. I’m no expert, but if that big a problem is found this late– and given that people have any number of odd configurations on their own systems– once Vista’s in the wild, there really does stand a chance for a big mess.

    Peterson for President.

  2. All kidding aside…

    What is your best guess as to how long it will take for the first virus to appear for Vista?

    We can’t include the virus that showed up for the beta…this guess challenge is only for the
    official release.

  3. What is your best guess as to how long it will take for the first virus to appear for Vista?

    Given Windows past track record, the unexpected discovery of such a significant bug, I’d give it all of 20 minutes. void(0);

  4. This is gonna be great. After it’s been released and we’ve seen the inevitable TV footage of late night openings/queues round blocks etc., we Mac fans can sit back like kids on Christmas eve in anticipation of the first big shitstorm that will inevitably hit MS over Vista. I can’t wait until they release it!

  5. Ok, let’s get our collective punches into MS FISTA so we can go back to discussing more interesting things, like the coming quad-core server. How long until quad-core desktops?

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