Woz to judge Mac software contest

My Dream App, a Mac contest in search of the next killer app, features as guest judges Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki, and Xbox and Zune creator J. Allard.

Over the past month, contestants have had to face weekly elimination rounds while continually demonstrating to the voting public why their app idea should advance in the contest. My Dream App will announce its three winners when voting ends Tuesday, Oct. 24 at 8pm EDT. Winners, who will have emerged from an initial pool of more than 2,700 entrants, will see their app idea realized as a Mac shareware application and earn royalties on sales.

“It’s always fun when someone innovates in the computer world. My Dream App is doing that by turning software design and development on its head,” Wozniak said in the press release.

My Dream App, which has given away over $500,000 worth of free Mac software over the past month, will give away Overflow 2 and PhotoPresenter to each voter this round. Overflow 2 ($14.95) is a sleek app and document launcher that works as an extension of the dock. PhotoPresenter ($7.95) is an Apple Design Award recipient that lets users quickly and easily display their photos in beautiful, 3D slideshows.

For the final round, My Dream App has assembled a panel of tech industry insiders to serve as guest judges. Along with Wozniak, Allard, and Kawasaki, the judges include “Finder” creator Bruce Horn and G4TechTV personality Amber MacArthur.

After launching two months ago, My Dream App has received over 2 million visits from the online community. The semifinals closed last week with Atmosphere (an app that displays changing weather conditions as a dynamic, animated desktop background), Cookbook (a full-featured cookbook, shopping, and meal-planning app), and Hijack (a discussion board aggregator) garnering the most public support.

My Dream App was created by software entrepreneur Phill Ryu. More information on finalists and judges can be viewed at http://mydreamapp.com/

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  1. For the record, I think the standout entries are Whistler, Cookbook, and Hijack. But you should go look (and vote) for yourself at http://mydreamapp.com

    It’s fun reading the judges’ comments, and it’s been fun watching the contestants develop their ideas over the last several weeks. All the remaining ideas have potential, there’s no doubt about that. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. i think the xbox team at microsoft is like a mini apple. they’ve rejected a lot of microsoft crap in order to try and be innovative in the console world. so allard should quit MS and come over to apple like a lot of talented MS employees have been jumping ship to google and what not.

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