iPhone sign?  New Motorola Rokr phone uses Real One media player, not Apples’ iTunes

“Motorola’s first generation Rokr phone never met the expectations users had in an iTunes phone. So it is just consequential that the second generation does not only bring a new, more Razr-like design and drops iTunes in favor of another, competing media player,” Wolfgang Gruener reports for TG Daily.

Gruener reports, “Documents published in the FCC database reveal that the new Rokr will remain a phone that will be very much focused on handling multimedia, but it will be a significant departure from today’s model.”

Gruener reports, “The most significant news about the new Rokr is that either Motorola or Apple – or both – did not see much sense in using the Itunes media player anymore. The new Rokr will ditch Apple’s software in favor of Real Networks’ Real One media player.”

Full article here.

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  1. Kind of sad really. It would have been cool to see iTunes become a dominant application for cell phones too. Glad I got my RAZR V3i with iTunes when I did. I’ll probably never get rid of this phone just because it’s one of the few that has iTunes on it. It’ll be a collectors item soon enough. Of course, when the iPhone comes out, I’ll be getting one of those to use.

  2. I wonder….can it be that itunes was licensed? and…well maybe wishfull thinking, this liscense ends as soon as….. “it” is about to arrive? just a thought… (“okay you can have it but as soon as we come with the real thing you quit…besides around that time there will be a totally new version with wifi and stuff so your phone wont be compatible..”)


  3. I understand that the ROKR was an abysmal failure. Even the cool-aid disbursing Mac fanatics were bad-mouthing the ROKR. That’s got to be bad when you see that.

    I’ve read stories where people would call the Motorola customer service for help trying to get iTunes to work, and Motorola was clueless. I’m very disappointed to see this. I was hoping that other phone models would increase their support for the Macintosh (not necessarily just iTunes).

    Stuff like syncing, tethering, using the phone as a modem is great and I’d like to see more of that, but in order to do that Apple needs to work closer with the licensees, something that they are developing a reputation for being poor at.

    On the good side, everyone is talking even more about an iPhone in 2007. Oh well. I hope that it’s a going to be a good phone. I hate the rumored candy bar design. Give us a clam shell version Apple.

  4. “So it is just consequential that the second generation does not only bring a new, more Razr-like design and drops iTunes in favor of another, competing media player,” Wolfgang Gruener reports for TG Daily.”

    It might be consequential but I doubt it.
    More likely it’s coincidental!

  5. I think the mistake is in letting the iTunes interface on the Rokr phone go. It not really an Apple MO, but it has happened a few times before, where Apple releases a good product that requires integration with someone else’s technology, then Apple either lets it go entirely, or starts to make its own turn key product and drops the affiliation. Apple should stick with the idea of their media interface becoming more of a standard, rather than requiring their own hardware product.

    Too bad.

  6. gawd, its incredible that MDN’s “related articles” stretches waaaaay back to 2002 for the first rumours of the iPhone! You would have thought this would have won some sort of vaporware award!
    But I’m pretty damn sure that it’ll be worth the wait. Anyone else would have just released a half-baked thing, but Jobs, Ive, and top dogs at Apple must be paying so much attention to detail on it, it cant possibly be a failure! I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these……

  7. Rudge,
    It wasn’t just Mac fans… Steve Jobs on stage found it hard to navigate and properly demonstrate! I think i recall him trying to resume a song after taking a call, and it did not auto-resume as advertised. He tried to play it, but the option got hidden somewhere.
    Anyways, I personally never really liked Motorola’s interface, even way back in the 80s when they had the Motorola TAC IIs that EVERY executive just had to have. Came close to buying the Razr, but again, the interface just didn’t click with me.

  8. I bought my first phone about 2 months ago: Motorola SLVR L7.

    By and large, it is the best phone I’ve seen (and handled) compared to a lot of my friends phones. It feels well built and has very few moving parts. iTunes on it works well, although it will never replace my iPod.

    If you’re looking for a phone, look at the SLVR.

    (oh yeah, and the keypad looks very Tron-like… damn sexy haha)

  9. Motorola, we choose to lose.

    Michael Cheung:

    I may be mistaken, but I don’t recall any official announcement that Apple was developing the iPhone or when such a device would be released. I don’t think any company can be accused of vaporware if the product hasn’t received public acknowledgment from the principal manufacturer.

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